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My Shajra/family tree

My Shajra/family tree


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This document prepared to trce my roots
This document prepared to trce my roots

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Published by: Syed Yusuf on Aug 31, 2008
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Genealogy / Family Tree / Shajra-e-Nasb / Lineage

This Shajra-e-Nasb prepared bit by bit, piece by piece collecting data for over 16 years from books and records mentioned
below, it all begins when I am searching for my family roots in an hand written record by my father Dr C S Syed Moosa of channapatana
Bangalore district Karnataka. at first I have searched personal records of some peoples in my community, where there is a tradition of
keeping lineage record, I have gone through some very interesting facts at this stage, from there by my curiosity touched new heights and I
Iam deeply involved in searching books and thereafter web pages. And brought up this precise data.Books References and web pages I have
referred are : Tareekh-e-Islam by Akbar sha khan Najeeb abadi,Tareeq-e-Ibn-quldoon-o-Ibne-Ishaq, Kashful Mehjoob, Dilli ke bayees
khajagan , Valiyan-e-Vilayat by Nooruddin Arabi of Hyderabad ,personal and community record of Shajra-e-Nasb by Hazrat Mashayaq
Syed Yahya Saheb Channapatana , Bangalore Dist. Web pages Islam 622 AD presented by Kelly L RosesPhD. The Prophet play and
learn.org. Prophet lineage, Muhammad winkpadia,free documentation license of GNU. Leob biblical family tree,The chosen lineage,
compiled by Loidas De Von Mecham(Jewish WS)The Adam’s family tree.htm. the library of Halexanderia(DNA Theory). Adam’s
descendents ,htm. Geneolgy Adam to twelve tribes by John P. Pratt , etc.
After going through Islamic, Jewish and Christians records, it is understandable that, in ancient timesby kings and nobles have a
tradition of recording the lineage, many historians of ancient times like Aqusilaus,Beroses, Ephonis, Hecatecus, Hellinicus, Hesiod,
Hesitius, Hieronymus, Josephus, Menetho, Mochus, andNicolaus.(Library of Halexanderia wp) and others recorded the lineage along the
In all these records there are differences in dates age and years. It is because the use of different
calanders at different period of time, and also rememberence of events by peoples of that time, but many events
and records are common in many religions and communities. And now pope Gerygory’s calendar
have some accuracy.
I have combined all the common references to avoid confusion while reading the links. And also some names are spelt
differently, example Yalesh/Nosh/Enos/Anwas/Anosh .
Every boy born to Adam was born together with a girl . Adam married the boy of one pregnancy to the girl of another, and
perhaps vice versa. Cain killed Able because he didn’t want Able to marry his sister.
According to Ibn Humayd –Salamah—Ibn- Ishaq, children’s of Adam’s are: Cain and his twin sister. Abel and his t/s Labudha.
Ashut and her brother . Seth his t/s Hazura or Azurah . Ayad his t/s Balagh his t/s Athati his t/s Tawbah his t/s Darabi his t/s
Hadaz his t/s Yahus his t/s Sandal his t/s Baraq his t/s ( 40 children’s in all twins)
Abbreviation :- W-wife , mrid- Married, dtr-daughter AC- after creation fm-female, Wp-webpage t/s twin sister , t/b twin brother.
Syed Yusuf s/o Dr C S Syed Moosa Bangalore syedyusuf_sam92@yahoo.
Adam alai Salam + Eva /Chava /Hava a.s ( Total 40 childrens) 2
Lived 930 years After Creation, 3760 to 2830 BC Shes was born when Adam was 130 years old
Twins Twins Twin
Sesh / Shis / Seth Abudah(f) Habil /Abel Azura(f) Kabil / Qhabil /(Cain ) Qalima(f)
Born 130 –died 1042 years AC (3630—2718 BC) Mrd to Sister Ashut (Kabil killed Habil)
Lived 912 years. Mrd to sister Azura /Hazurah. Shes 105 years when Enos born

Enoch + Ada’n
Enos /Nosh/Anwas /Anush /Yalesh Na’mah/Noam(fm) Irad/ Jared
Born 235—died 1140 years AC (3525—2620BC)
Lived 905 years Mrd to his sister Noam/Nama’ah, Enoch is 90 years when Cainan born. Mehujael
Adam was Living

Quneman /Qayan /Cainan /Kenan /Kaynum Rashujal (f) Mualeleth(fm)
Born 325---died 1235 years AC (3435-2525 BC) Lived 910 years
Mrd to Dinah dtr of Barakil b Mehujael b Enoch b Cain , age was 70 years when Mehlayil born Metusael Barkeil
Adam was living.

Mehlayil /Mahalaeed / Mahalalel Adah /Edna(f) Enoch Azrial/Zilla?(f) Dinah(F)
Born 395---died 1290 AC ( 3365—2470 BC) Mrd to Lamech mrd Lamech Mrid Quneman
Live 895 years Mrd to Sim’an dtr of Barakielb Mehujael Enoch Cain, age was 65 years when Jared born. Lamech
Adam was Living

Yazad / Yazd / Jared / Yarav/Burrah Danel Mrd Adah Mrd Zilla
Mrd to dtr of Baraka dtr of Rashujal dtr of Enoch and Naom, first man to marry twice
Born 460---died1422 AC (3300—2338 BC) Life 962 years ,. Edna (f) and Killed Cain
Age was 162 years when Enoch born . Tublacain
Adam was Living. Tulin(Jabal)

Aqnuq/Enoch/Harmes /Chanoch/Idris prophet Azrial
Mrd. to Edna dtr of Danel of Mehlalaeel. He is Shoe maker as per
Cristians belief he is Translated directly to haven. Adam was Living, Edna
Born 622—died 1052 AC. Life 430 years, (3138—2778BC).65 years matushalaq born

Matushalaq / Metusela Elisha Elimelech Molca (f) Namaha(f)
Mrd Edna/Adna dtr of Azrial,Born 687---died 1656 AC age969 years,(3073—2104 BC)
Adam was Living, age 187 years when Lamech was born, when flood occurred his age was 959 years


Lamak / Lamech Rakel Eliakim
Born 874---died 1651 AC, life 777 years. 2886---2109 BC dtr Sedeqetelebab Mrid Shem/Saam
Mariied Ashmua Age was 182 years when Noah born, Adam was not Living when Nuh born.

Noah / H. Nuh prophet
Born 1056---died 2004 AC , 2704—1754 BC. age 950 years Adam not Living. Age 500 years when Saam born. Married Namaha dtr of
Tzila ,when Noah was born 6 generation of elders of his family living. Flood was occurred in 1664 AC.(Some say Noah Mrd Amzurah dtr of
Barakil b Mehujael b Enoch b Cain b Adam)
Between Adam a.s and Nuh a.s a gap of Ten generations, and period of 1642 years

(Adam born to Sesh born, to Enos to Cain to Mehlayil to Jared to Aqnuq to Methusela to Lamech Noah )
At the age of 130 + 105 + 90 + 70 + 65 + 162 + 65 + 187 + 768 = 1642 years

Haam Saam /Shem Yafas /Yafis /Japeth Kan’an
Fater of African people Father of Semitic people Father of European people Did not get on Ark
Peoples of African,Indian sub continant Arabs ,Jew south western area. Turkish,Chinese,Mongols, Drowned in flood
Saam 1564—2064AC 2204—1702BC . Mrd to Sedegetelebab dtr of Eliakim
Son of Metusalah. Age 600 years.
Saam was 102 years when Arpachashad born

Misr/Mizzarim Kan’an/Canaan Kosh/Cush Phut Egyptus(f) Komar Yawan Magogh Khatubal Mashak Ma’za Tyrash
Pharaoh Gamar Javan Tubal

Eram/Aram Lauz/ Lud Qaleem /Ghaleem /Elam Asshur Arfaqashad /Arpacashad
Syrian Lydians Persians Asyrians 1666—2069 AC 2102—2634BC
Fares Jarjan Amleq Tism Jasem life 438 years (Chaldeans)

Shaleq /Saleb/ Shelah Aanar Ashcol
Pharoes of Egypt Mrd Muak dtr of Kesed,age 30 years when Eber born
1701—2104 AC 2067—1634BC age 433 years
Kasar /Ghasir Haul Awas Abdu zakhm Ubayl Mash Lauz
Aubir /Ubair / (Neber) Eber (Hz.Hud)
1731—2161AC.2037—1573BC.age 468 year
Mrd to Melka dtr of Madai s/o Japeth /Yafas
34 years when Falegh born
Samud Abdu Zakhm A’ad Nimrod
Amleq Aymeen Tism
Khadir Aabir Luqman Huzur Shadad Kan’an

A B C D E F G H 4….
Ubayd /Ubayl Raqeem Sa’ad Aiyah Hudad Nimrod Faleq /Pelag /Farigh Yaqtan/Qahtan/Yoktan
Age 239 years 32yr when Reu born
Masikh /Shaleq Aaad Jairun Abdulla Hadad Najaref Huzur Shelef Hazar Maut
Jerah/Jarham Hadoram Uzal
Sa’af /Asif Hood Shadad Diqla Obail Abimayel
Sheba /saba ophir Havilah
Ubayl/Ubayd Argoh /Ragau/Reu Kaber Jobab
239 years of age, 30yrs when Sarogh born Lavi Asher
Hz. Saleh Prophet +Adinah +Huderah

Sarogh /Serag /Saruch
Born 1827—2027 AC 1941—1711BC
Age 230 years, 29 years when Nahor born

UrTahur / Nahor Ur Nammu Ur Engur
1857—2027 AC 1911—1763BC (of Ur Dynasty)
Age 148 years 70years when Terah born

Terah/(Turgi)/Tarih Sulgi Dungi
Mrd Felilah Born 1887—2131AC 1882—1677BC age 175 years
Zoba (2058AC) Age 205 years Mrd. to Amethelo or Unk born to Ur Kasdin
Idols manufacturer (Aa’zar name mentioned in Islamic references)
Adam to Ibrahim 21 generations

Eram (2088)


Ab 5….

Hz. Ibrahim a.s (Abraham/Avaram/Avaraham) Abara’an / Haran Nahor
Born 1948—died 2123 AC 1812—1637 BC age 175 years 1916-2088 twins 1916-1998
Circumcised at age of 99 2047 AC Bibi Sar’ah Mrd Reumah

2ndW.Bibi Hajara(Hagar) 1st w. Bi bi Sara’h 3
W Kethura H.Lut(Lot)
Mrd in 2033 AC b 1958 d 2085AC Mrd 2088 AC 1957-2087 Mrd Ado

Hz. Ismail a.s ( Ishmael) Hz. Ishaq a.s (Issac) Tebah Gahan Tahasha Maccha
Born 2034—2173 AC age 139 yrs b 2048-d 228AC 180 yrs
1st Mrd Umara bint Yasar bin Aqeel 1Huz 2 Buz 3 Kemul
2 nd Mrd Sayeeda bint Mazaz bin Mrd Rebecca (Revcah) in 2088 AC 4 Chased 5Hazo 6 Phildash 6Bethul
bin Umru . b 2078—2207 AC dtr of Bethul
Circumciesed at the age of 8 years
Laban Rebecah Sacher
Twins Mrd to Adinah Mrd Ishaq(Issac)
Hz.Yaqoob/Jacob Esua/ Eswa/Isu
/ Ya’acov/Israel Lay’ah/Leah Rahil/Rachel
B 2108-d 2207AC age 140/147 Mrd to Hz Yaqoob 2
wife Hz Yaqoob
Born in Egypt buried in Hebron

Madain/Midian Zimran Jokshan Medan Ishbak Shuah

Epoha Epher Hanoch Abida Elduah

Hz.Ayyub Reoel(Jethro) Rekem Azi Aliyoshub Alad

Methach Meshar/Mubshakar Aui Tazagua
Son Mankeel

wf Rahil/Rachael 1
wf Leah/Lay’ah w Bilahah W Zilpah
b Dtr of Laban/Layan dtr of Laban/Layan

Twins Naphtali Dan Asher Gad 6….
* Hz Yousuf(Joseph) Benjamin/Benyamen Yathirah (f) +Merimah +Aphlaleth +Uzit +Adon
b 2199d2309AC 1561-1451BC
Mrd to Ashenath
Judah Levi/Lavi Reuben Simeon Issachar Zebulan Dinah
2195,2324 2194,2331 2192,2317 2193,2313 2197,2319 2198,2310
Manessa Ephiraim 137yrs
Eeshia W Adinah

Gershon Kohat Merrari Jochebed(f)

David/Hz Dawood Amaram/Imran?

Hz Sulaiman/solomon Hz Moosa(Moses) Aaron/Harun
b2368 d 2488 AC Mrd Zepoporah/Safora. b2365d 2488 Mrd Elisheba&Miriam

Hz Zakariyah+Elisabeth Hanna +Imran Alozar –-----Fakhkakh -----Meetha----- yaseen ------ Hz IlYas
Hz yahya(John) Marry(Bibi Mariam)

Hz Essa /Eshua (Jesus)

In childrens of Hz Ismail

wf Meriba/Ribah wf Malchut

Kedar/Qaidar Nabajoth Adbeel Mibsam Bashemath(f) Kedemah Napish Jetur Tema Hadar Masaa Dumah Mishma

( Chamed/Sabit/Nabit Alyon Kezem Eli)






Udd/UddadAddad 7….







Mazar/Mudar Rabiah/Rabee’ah Anmar/Inmar Ay’yad/Iyad

Ilyas/Ayas Aylan/Gylan Aajal Madus Lahazam Zubaiyah Lajeem

Mad’rka Lahanja/Tanijah Qamah Abdu Shams Jadila

Banu mazina Jaina Abab Banu Tay’yam Bakr Wail

Huzail/Hudhayal Qazaiya/khuzaimah
Sur Yateem Solab Ay’yah Aajal
Asad Hoon Kan’ana Asadah

Abde Manat Aamar(Milkan) Nazar/Nadar Malik Bakr Taglat

Banu Bakr Banu Tagar Malik Yukhalad Banu Faras Banu Hunain Bn Sheban


Huazan Mazan Aqeel Adnan BanuKalab Saleem Bahala Gahatan
Sa’saa Jashm Banu Sa’ad Banu Bakr Banu Saqtaif Zabian Abas

Banu Amar Mazara

Bnu Hilal Rabia Banu Numair


Galib Muharib Haris Asad

Loyee/ Luwaiy/La’ayy Al Qalaj (Tayam?) Hz Abu Ubaida bin Jarra’h Tribe

Ka’ab Aamir Saham Awf

Husaya/Husay Mur’rah Addi/Adiyy Zemah
Kilaab Yaqdah Tym
Abdul Uzah

Hz Ummar Fathima
Amr Abdullah Hafsa(f)
Abu Qahafa Usman Mrd Prophet

Abu Bakr r.a Ubaydulla

Muhammad Umme Kulsum Aisha Asma
Mrd 2
dtr of Mrd Hz Umar r.a Mrd Prophet Mrd Zubair bin
Yazdigard last Iranian King Awam
Mrd to Umme Farwa mother of Imam Muhammed Jaffer Sadiq
Qasi/Qosai (Zaid) Zuhra
Abd Munaf
Wahab Uhayb
Abd Manaf (Mughaira) Abd Abdud Dar Abdul Uzzah
Amina Malik(Abu waqas)
Mother of prophet 9
Hashim Muttalib Nawfal Abdush Shams Asad

Abdul Muttalib Asad Aba Sayfi Nadhlah Umayya Khuwaylad Nawfal Umar
(Commander of Ummayad
Warqa Army in Karbala)
Khadeja r a
(Mrd Prophet) Awwam
Zubayr Abdullah
(Mrd Asma d/o Abu Bakr)

Abdullah AbuTalib Hamza Abbas Zarar Abu lahab Zubair Harris Hajjal Maqum Qasham Gaidaq
Amara Fatima Rabia Khalid Utba Utaiba Abdullah Abusufiyan Ummaiah Naufil Murah

Abdullah Taher Zuaila Umme Hakeem

Harris Mabad Abdu Rahman Masher Maina Abdullah Fazal UmmeHabiba Safina Tamam Kaseer

Talib Aqeel Jaffaer Hzt Ali Umme Hani Hajana Taboon

Muslim Hz Hassan Hz Hussain Zainab Umme Kulsum

Khatim-un-Nabiyeen, Sardar-ul-Anbia Hazrath MLlAVVLL MLlAVVLL MLlAVVLL MLlAVVLL MLe:AlA MLe:AlA MLe:AlA MLe:AlA Rasool Allah Sallal’lah alaihi
O’ sallam , born 52 years before Hijrat in 570 AD at Makkah Mukar’ama in the first year of Aam-ul-
Feal ,(55 days after invasion of Ka’aba by Abraha of Yeman ,in 40
Jullos kasrai-e-nausherwan
rabbi’ul awwal.
Born in 570AD Hijrat in 622 AD left to Havens in 632AD on Monday at Madina.

( Death of father Abdullah 570AD, Possible date of birth, 20 April 570AD. Abraha’s attack on Makkah 570
Mother dies 576, Grand father dies 578, Trading journey to Syria 583, Married Hz Khadija 595, first Quranic
Revelation 610, Appers as Prophet 610, Begins message of Islam 613, Begins gather following 614,
Emigration of Muslims to Ethopia 615, Banu Hasham Clan Bycot 616,at dara-e-Shuaib abi Talib, ends 619
Meraj 620 Hijrat 622AD battle of Badar 624, Battle of Uhad 625, attack on Daumatul Jandal Syria 626,
Battle of terench (Qhandakh) 627, Treaty of Hudaybia 628, Conqur of Khaibar628, First hajj 629,farewell-
-Ar Hajj , Goes to Haven 632, 8
June.(GNU free Document Winkpadia---webpage)

Childrens with Umm-ul-momineen Hzt Khutaijat-ul-Kubra r.a A son with Hzt 10
Maria Qutbia r.a
* Hzt Khasim Hz Zainab Hz Abdulla Hz Ruqaiyah Hz Umme Kulsum Hz Fatima Hz Ibrahim
Died in Childhood married to @Tayab o Taher married to married to
Hzt Usma Ghani r a Hzt Usman Ghani ra Hzt Ali Murtuza r a

All of Hz Muhammad's sons sas died in infancy (al-Qasim and 'Abdu'llah from his first wife Khadija, Ibrahim from his concubine Mary,
the Copt). His daughters from Khadija were: Zainab (married 'Abu'l-'As bnu'r-Rabi'; died A.H. 8), Ruqaiyah (married 'Utbah ibn Abu
Lahab, by whom she was divorced; she afterwards married 'Uthman, the third Khalifa), Umm Kulthum (became, after the death of
Ruqaiyah, the second wife of 'Uthman; she died a year or two before Muhammad sas), and Fatimah (married Ali ibn Abi Talib). Of them,
only Fatimah had children and only Fatimah was still alive at the death of Muhammad sas. She died about six months after Muhammad.sas
(Comparative Index to Islam Muhammad.htm)

Summery of Family Tree.
Hzrat Mohammed Rasool allah s.a.s bin Abdulla bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abde Manaaf bin Qasi bin Kallab
bin Mur’rah bin Ka’ab bin Loyee bin Galib bin Fahar/Quresh bin Malik bin Nazar bin Kanana bin Qzaiya bin Madraka bin Ilyas bin Mazar
bin Nazar bin Ma’ad bin Adnan bin Auban bin Maqum bin Nahaz bin Yaraj bin Yarab bin Yashab bin Sabit bin Qaidar bin Ismail a.s bin
Ibrahim a.s bin Azaar Tahur bin Sharu bin Raau bin Faleq bin Aber/Auber bin Shaleq bin Arfaqashad bin Saam bin Nuh a.s bin Lamak
bin Aqnuq bin Yazad bin Mehlayil bin Quneman bin Yalesh binShesh bin Adam a.s

Adam Shesh/Seth/Shis NoshEnos/Anush/Yalesh Quneman/ Qayan/Cainan /Kenan/Kaynum MehlayilMahalaeed/Mahlalel Yazad
Yazd/Jared/yarav Aqnuq/Enoch/Chanoch/Idris a s Matushalaq Metusela LamakLamech NoahNuh
Saam/Shem Arfaqashad/Arpacashad Shaleq/Saleb/Shelah Aubir/Abir/Eber/Neber/Hz Hud
Faleq/Peleg/Farigh Argoh/Ragau/Reu Sarogh/Serag/Saruch Tahur/Nahor Terah/Tarih
Ismail/Ishmael Qaidar/Kedar Chamed/Sabit/Nabit Yashab/Shahab/Yashjub Yaraj/Tarub/Harab Tyrah/Hamir Nahaz/Nahur
Muqawwam/maqum Udd/Uddad/Addad Auban Yaman Yaqtan/Qahtan
Adnan Ma'ad Nazar/Nizar/Nadhar Mazar/MudarIlyas/Ayas Madrka/Mudrka Qaziya/Khuzaimah Kan'ana Nazar/Nadar
MalikFahar/Fihir/Quresh Galib Loyee/Luwaiy/La'ayy Ka'ab Mur'rah/Ur'rah kilaab/kalab Qasi/Qosai/Zaid Abde
Manaf/Mughaira Hasham Abdul Muttalib Abdullah Muhammed s.a.s

Death of Father Abdullah 569 AD Abraha of Yaman attack Ka'aba 570AD possible D o B Muhammad s.a.s 20th April 570AD , Mother
Amina dies 576, Grand Father dies 578, Trading Journy to Syria 583, Married Hz Khadija 595AD, First revelation Vahi 610AD Emigration of Muslim
to Ethopia/Habsha 615AD Boycot by Banu Hashim 616 AD(Dara-e-Shub Abi Talib)616 Boycot Ends 619, Meraj/Isra 620AD 16
July Hijraht to
madina 622AD Battle of Badar 624 Battle of Uhad 625 battle of Terench/Qhandaq 627 Treaty of Hudaibiya/Sulah Hudaibia 628 First Hajj 629AD
Battle of Mauta 629 Farewell Hajj/Hajj-at-ul-Vida 632 to havens 8th June 632AD.

Hzt Syedna Ali Murtuza r.a died in 40
Hijri 661 AD 11
@ Abu Turab , Asadulla , Hyder-e-Karar and Bab-ul-Ilm

Imam Hassan r.a Imam Hussain r.a Zainab UmmeKulsum
9 sons 6 daughters died on 28 safar 50 Hijri born 3
Shaban 4
Hijri Shahadat in Karbala on Friday
Born 15tth Ramazan 3
Hijri age 47 years 10
Muharram 61 Hijri 670 AD
Qhasim Abdullah Hasan-e-Muthana Mrd Shahar Banu dtr of Yazdagard king of Iran
Only Hasan Muthana Survived in karbala
In his childrens Ghouse Azam Dastagir
Abdul Khader Jeelani r a
Hzt. Imam Zainul’abdeen r.a
The only son survived in Karbala
Imam Mohammed Baqar

Imam Jaffar Sadiq Im. Moosa Kazim Syed Ismail Syed Niyamatulla

Syed Jalaluddin Syed Yahya Syed Yousuff Syed Abdulla Syed Najmuddin

Syed Khasim Syed Moosa Syed Qizar Syed Usman

Ameer Syed Abdulla Ameer Syed Jalaluddin
alias Syed Khan
Syed Salamulla Syed Kareemulla Syed Abdul Ghani Bibi Rasti Bibi Ilahdaiti

Ameer Syed Ahmed Hazrat Syed Mohammed Mehdi-e-Maud a.s Kahlifatulla
Married to Cousin Bibi Rasti Taba-e-Taam-e-Rasool alla s.a.s Khatim-e-Vilayat-e-Mohaamediyah
s.a.s born on Monday 14
Jamadi-ul-Awwal 847 Hijri at Jaunpur India
( now in UP state ) died and left to havens at Farha, Afghanistan on
Zi-Qaida 910 Hijri.

Childrens with Bibi Ilahdaiti Bibi Malkan bint-e- Mn Bibi Boonji Bibi Khursheed Banu
died in Chapaner Gujrat Laad Shah belong to Mn buried at Dongarpura ( Rani Bhanmati d/o Raja
In 891 Hijri Abu Bakr who buried in Ahmedabad of Jaisalmer Rajasthan)
Bhelot Gujrat

Bibi Hidayatulla Bng Mn Syed Hameed Bng Mn Syed Ibrahim Bng Mn Syed Ali
w/o Mn Abul fatah Shaheed Badal Khoda married to d/o Etemad Shaheed Bhadar Qilla
Chichond M’rashtra Maharashtra Khan minister of Sha Ahmedabad, presented him
Dungarpura Ahmedabad Self to Sha of Guj in Place of
Hzt Sha Niyamat r.a

Mn Syed Meeranji Mn Syed Manjuji
Mother is Raje Fatima Daughter Raje Aameena
d/o Malik Burhan Sha Mn Syed Hameed 12
of AhmedNagar and
buried at Lakh Belapur Mn Syed Ismail

Mn Syed Yuosuff@ Meeran saheb Mn Syed Mahmood
With wife Gauharji d/o Mn Usman w/w d/o Mustafa Mn

Mn Syed Vali S.Jalal S..Meeranji S.Mustafa Sha sahib Mn Palkiwale Tiruchnapally TN

Qunza Badan Hzt Bng Mn Syed Mahmood Bibi Fatima Bng Mn Syed Ajmal
Married to Mn Abu Bakr Sani Mehdi died on 4
Ramazan 919 AH Qatoon-e-Vilayat died in Childhood
s/o Syed Ilahdad buried buried at Bhelot Radhanpur Gujrat 2
Rabiulawwal 891AH
opt to Railway Station Radhanpur Mando Gujrat

first married to 2
marriage with
Hzt Malik Burhan Hzt Bng Mn
Son Mn Abul Fatah died on way to Syed Khundmir
Hajj married Bibi Munawara d/o
Bng mn Sha Dilawar r.a

Mn Sher Mohd Mn Abu Bakr Mn Ilahdad Mn Khaleel Mohammed Hzt Bng Mn Syedanji Khatim
Gokak Karnatak Murshad r.a Hussin-e-vilayat
Married to Qunza Abdul Fatah buried at Jalore Rajasthan
Buzarg d/o Sha
Yaqoob Hassn-e- Bade Miyan

Jalal Mahabji Miyanji Syed Alam Fathuji
Meeran Meeran Miyan Qutubmiyan Miyan

Childrens with Bibi Kad Banu d/o Malik Usman Minister of Sha Gujrat

Bng Mn Syed Abdul Hayee Shajrat-ul-Murshadeen Bng Mn Bibi Khund Gouher Bng Mn Syed Ahmed
Roshan Munnawar burried Syed Yaqoob Haasan-e-Vilayat w/o Bng Mn Sha Mohd. Shaheed dies of lamp fire
At Behlot Guj. Married to Bibi Boonji Daulatabad, Aurangabad M’rashtra Bibi Kadbanu’s Nephew

Syed Hussain Bibi Rasti w/o Childrens with Bibi Raje Ruquia d/o Bng Mn Syed Khundmir r.a.
Bijapur, mrd to Bibi Khunza Malik Shamsuddin Guj buried at Raibagh Bijapur

1) Bng Mn Syed Asharaf Raibagh Athni Bijapur
Mn Syed Zainulabdeen Manchapa 2) Bng Mn Syed Ishaq
Wife Bibi Malkan d/o wife Bibi Bobo
Mn Mohd. Khatimkar d/o Raje Mohd. Childrens with Bua Bibi d/o Mn Malik Gouhar 13

3) Bng Mn Syed Khundmir
S. Ibrahim S. Mahmood S.Hussain S. Khundmir S.Ismail 4) Bibi Raje Fatima
Bade Miran Nhanne Meeran 5) Bibi Raje Mariam
Wife Ayesha 6) Bng Mn Syed Yousuff
d/o S Khasim
Mujtahid Gro Childrens with Bibi Saheba

7) Bng Mn Syed Ibrahim@ Bade Meeran Gokak Belgaum
Syed Mustafa Syed Khasim 8) Bng Mn Syed mahmood @ Nhanne Meeran Gokak
@ Syedan Miyan 9) Bibi Qunza Buzarg w/o Mn Abubakr Gokak Karnatak
10) Bibi Khanji
Childrens with Bibi Sarah
11) Bng Mn Syed Alam Fanifilla Bakhibilla

Childrens with Bibi Manjli S 12) Bng Mn Syed Mustafa

Childrens of Shajrat-ul-Murshadeen Bandagi Miyan Syed Yaqoob Hassan-e-Vilayat Daulatabad Maharashtra
Died on 23
Zul Hajj 980 AH
1) Bng Miyan Syed Ashraf buried at Raibagh Athni TQ Dist Bijapur Karnatak

Childrens with wife Bibi Hadayat-ul-Mulk Childrens with wifw Bibi Khoob Achchoo

Syed Meeranji Syed Ahmed Bibi Qunza Syed Yaseen Syed Jaffar Syed Kareemulla Syed Azeez
Daulatabad Bijapur W/o Abdul Samad -ulla@Meethe Miyan

Syed Jaffar Bibi Hadayat-ul-Mulk S.Kareem cudapa Khubsaheb Mn

W/w Bibi Saheba with Second Wife

Syed Meeranji Syed Ashraf Hassan Sha Mn Hussain ShamMn
Arcot Cudapa Syed Meeran S.Hussain Sha
Sunbal Muradabad
Syed Mustafa Syed Hashim Syed Ibrahim

Khub Saheb Mn Syed Yaqoob

Syed Ahmed Syed Khasim Syed Meeranji Syed Jaffer Nhanne Meeran Chabuji Mn Miyanji
Syedan Mn Khanji Mn Baba Mn Meeras Mn

Syed Ashraf Khub Saheb Mn Syed Asadulla

2) Bng Miyan Syed Ishaq Daulatabad. Aurangabad Maharashtra.

Childrens with wife Bibi Raje Achchooji Childrens with Bibi Ammasha 14
d/o Miyan Malik Badiwal d/o Jaga Jahan Khan

Syed Alla Bakash Syed Peer Mohammed Mn Syed Mubarak Mn Syed Ali Bibi Achchi Saheba
Wife Bibi Raje Firoze
d/o Bng Mn Syed Khundmir r.a Syedan Miyan Syed Abdul Hayee
Sha Saheb MN Cheetapur Karnatak
S.Moosa S. Peer Mohd S.Ab Kareem S. Habibulla

S.Essa Meethe Miyan S.Peer Mohd S. Ishaq @ Bawashaheb Mn S. Manju Mn

S.Abdul Hayee @ Shasaheb Mn Miyanji
Syed Murtuza Khuzade Mn

S.Sha Mohd. S. Ishaq S. Ab Rahman S. Hisamuddin S.Shariff S. Hashim S.Mahmood Bibi Raje Buva Bibi Bibi Manjay
S.Khuda Baksh S.Alam S.Hussain S.Qizar Basha Mn Khuban Mn Sha sahib Mn

Wife BB Ilahdati d/o Mn Yusuf
S.Najmuddin S.Moosa
Syed Shahbuddin @ Chabuji Mn

Syed Mubarak Shimoga Karnatak

Syed Allah Baksh / Syedji Mn Syed Usman Syed Hyder
Syedoo Miyan kirgawal
Syed Mubarak Kirgawal S.Ishaq

Syed Allah Baksh

Syedji Mn Chanpatan

Syed Usman @ Syedoo Miyan

Syed Mahmood @ Nhanne Meeran

Syed Mubarak @ Minsaheb Miyan Miyan Syed Zainul’abdeen Taqdeer

Syed Alla Baksh Syed Mahmood@ Nhanne Meeran Miyan Syed Baqar

Mn Syed Ataulla Sufi 1964 Mn Mufti Syed Yaqoob Chanapatna

Mn Syed Sanaulla Kausar Chanapatna Syed Baqar Arshad

Wife Raje Saheba Bibi d/o Achchoo Khoob Khan @ S.Raheem Wife Buje Saheba Bibi d/o Manjoo Miyan

Syed Ishaq

Syed Yaqoob Tawakkali Alimpur

S.Ibrahim S.Ahmed @ Khoob Saheb Mn S.Meeranji S.Ishaq S.Murtuza S.Alam S A Khader

Bibi Ilahdaiti S.Khanji Bibi Badan S.Ab.Khader S.Khundmir Bibi Fatima S.Ishaq Raje Fairoz Bibi Malkan
@ Saheba Bibi Syedan Miyan @ Hadanji Bade Meeran Khuzadi Bibi

Wife Hadoo Bibi d/o Ahmed Khan Meeranji Kirgawal employed in Tippu’s Army
S.Sha Mohd Syedoo Mn S Abdulla/Roshan Mn

Miyan Syed Sha Mohammed

Wife Chan Khansa Bibi wife Banoo Saheba Bibi wife Pacoo Bibi
d/o Miyan Asad d/o Manjle Miyan Tirchy d/o S.Ab. Khader

Badi Bibi Miyan Syed Khundmir Hadoo Bibi Miyan Syed Ahmed
@ Imami Syden Miyan kirgawal AH 1108-1173

Badi Bibi Miyan Syed Sha Mohammed @ Shasha Miyan Cudapa AP
Wife Sahebni Bibi

Miyan Syed Ahmed Syed mohammed @ Syedan Miyan Mama Saheba bibi
@ Syeda Miyan fore fathers of Mashayak Jowahar
Wife Bibi fairoz @ Buva Bibi

Mn S. Shahbuddin Syed Ibrahim Miran Saheb Syed Khasim Syed Khasim Mn Syed Hyder S.Sha Mohammed
Saheb Miyan @ Hydoo Miyan Cudapa Hakim Shasha Mn
Wife Badi Bibi Panagudi

Msk. S. Khundmir Msk S.Essa Msk S. Mustafa Msk. S.Ibrahim Msk. S. Mohd Msk S.Ahmed S.Mahmud S.Yaqqob S.A Khader Sagyasa
Bade Khundkar @ Cuddapa @ Hanji Mn Cudapa Nhanne Mn CudapaSydenMn Chanpatan Yaqoobmn MahboobMn Beeman
Khanji Mn Panagudi Pangudi Khunkar Cudapa Cudapa Panagudi Bibi

Raja Bibi wife Masa Bibi d/o Ameer Roshan Miyan Mahmoodi

Buva Bibi w/o Syed Yusuf S.Khasim Khajazadi Roshan Chanda S.Ab Khader Sahibunissa S.Umar Achchi
Syed Hyder/Hydoo Mn Bibi Bibi w/o Bibi Bibi Bibi
MamaSaheba LalaBibi S A Karim S.Hyder un Maried S.Mohd sherfunissa S.mahmud
Forest our maternal Grand Father d/o Msk Mahboob mn Chanpatna
Banoo Bibi Raja Bibi our maternal Grand Father
w/o Zainul’abdeen w/o S.Hyder Syedoo Mn S. Mahmood S.Mustafa S.Ahmed S.Ab.Khader Masa Bibi
@Bavaji @ Dada @ Mahboob Mn w/o
London Kaleemulla Bng

Ghousia Nasreen Syed Masood Azam

3) Bng Miyan Syed Khundmir buried at Daulat’abd

With wife Chand Khan Bi d/o Malik Daulat Sha Gujrati w/wife Ummat-ur-Raheem d/o Malik Sha Fauladi

Syed Manju Syed Jalal Syed Khadan S.Nusrat Miyan sahib Mn Syeda Mn S.Salamulla S.Ashraf

17 .
. . Syed Baqar Syed Zainulab’deen Syed Khundmir Syed Moosa
@ Syed Chajju

Syed Yadulla @ Bade Sha Miyan
Kanjera Maha’rashtra

Syed Jalal Syed Zainul’abdeen S.Moosa S.Jaffar S.Yahya S.Manju S.Ali S.Nusrat S.Mahmood
Cudapa Arcot

S.Abdul Kareem SyedooMiyan Khuzade Miyan Chabuji Mn
Sri Rangapatnam

6) Bng Miyan Syed Yousuff buried at Daulat’abad
Childrens with wife Bua bi d/o Hzt Khatim Murshad

Miran Syed Yousuf Bibi Ilahdaiti Syed Qurban Mn Syed Khasim Mn Syed Murtuza
Died @ Aaje Saheba died Mujtahid Gro

With wife Sammu Pathani a son Miyan Syed Hameed Majzoob
With wife Bibi Kori a daughter Ummat’ul Gafoor w/o Malik Ahmed Bhatti

8) Bng Miyan Syed Mahmood @ Nhanne Meeran Gokak Dist Belgaum Karnatak

Miyan Syed Jalal Miyan Syed Meeranji

w/wife Ajayab Khan with wife
S.Hassan S.Asadulla S.Mahmood Abdul Hayee Khub Saheb

Syed Khasim Syed Fatahulla

Syed Hassan Syed Yaqoob
Shaheed Tirychy

Syed Fatahulla

Hassan Miyan Bannur

Syed Yaqoob
. 11) Bng Miyan Syed Alam Fanifillah’Bakhi billah buried at Beed Maharashtra

A Son with Ajayab Khanab d/o Ekhlas Khan Minister of Sha of Palanpur

Syed Ayub Syed Ismail

Syed Niyamatulla Palanpur 18

12) Bng Miyan Syed Mustafa buried at Bijapur Karnatak

Miyan Syed Usman Syedan Miyan

Syed Bade Syed Abdul Lateef

7) Bng Miyan Syed Ibrahim @ Bade Meeran Gokak Dist Belgaum Karnatak

Miyan Syed Vali Miyan Syed Yaqoob Miyan Syed Hyder Miyan Syed Taher Mn Syed Niyamatulla

W Raj kalan w Chand Kalan Syed Ibrahim @ Bawa saeb Mn Syed Ibrahim Karnool

Syed Roohulla Syed Abdul Khader Abji Miyan S.Niyamatulla S.Yaqoob @
Mussanif Panch Fazayal Golkunda Pidiyal Subedar Elichpur

Miyan Syed Salamulla Syed Ibrahim Syed Khasim Miyanji Syeda Mn Meeran Saheb
Chanpatan Karur TN @ Syedan Mn @ Alla Bande Mn

Syed Valiulla Chanpatan Syed Vali Golkunda Roshan mn Khuzade Mn Bade Miyan

Syed Ibrahim Chanpatan
Durug Bawas Miyan

Syed Yaqoob Golkunda

Syed Shasha Miyan Chanpatan Syed Ibrahim Sha Meeran Syed Ashraf Miyan Syed Alam
Budhe Miyan French Rocks Khoob Saheb Miyan
Syed Ishaq Miyan

S.Safiulla Budhe Mn/Babai Zaheda Syed Essa S.Alam Mukhtar Nizam Sha Meeran Syedan Miyan

Syed Ibrahim Syed Ashraf Bade Miyan Khoob Saheb

Syed Ali

Ashraf Miyan

Syed Ali Syed Yousuff Syeda Miyan
Mrd to Salma 3
dtr of Aeeruddin Bukhari
Syed sadatullah @ Tariq S.Rizwana Banu S.Shama Banu Syed Ameen @ Aadil Syed Rajjab

Miyan Syed Alam (Tiruchnapally T N)

Miyan Syed Hyder Syed Abdul Hayee Syed Murtuza Buja Bibi Bi bi Raja Bibi Ashraf Miyan Chajju Miyan Khuzadi Bua
Amni Sagar, Mysore @ Roshan Miyan Khub Sab Miyan @ Syedan Miyan Bibi Bibi
Minister in court Raja of Tanjaore TN

Miyan Syed Vali Badan Saheba Bibi
@ Bava Saheb Miyan Amni Sagar

Syed Ibrahim Syed Abdul Hayee Bng. Mn Syed Hyder Mn.Syed Ashraf Mn.Syed Ibrahim Syed Khadan Syed Hameed Sultan Sha
@Khub Sha Mn @ Roshan Mn Chanpatan Bade Miyan Bibi
Eroad Local Palli

Syed Nizam Meeranji Mn Mn.Syed Ashraf Syed Nizam Mama Fatah Hafiza Syed Syed Yousuff Mama Pacha Syed Syed
@bade Miyan Bade Miyan Saheba Saheba Bibi Yusuf Saheba Bibi Umar Ahmed

Syedji Miyan Meeran Saheb Miyan Mama Saheba Bibi Bi bi Saheba

Khanji Miyan Peer Saheb Miyan Manja Bibi Khasoo Miyan Yaqoob Sha Miyan Yousuf Miyan Pacha Bibi
Wife Raja Bibi d/o Moosa Mn
Died 2 6 Zilhaj

Meeran Saheb Miyan Syed Mahmood Peer Saheb Miyan Manjle Miyan Mama Saheba
@ Syedji Miyan Belgod
Raja Bibi Manja Bibi
Yusuf Miyan Syed Mubarak Syed Ishaq Syed Mahmood Nhanni Mamni Maan Banu Raja
Died as Child @ Manjle Miyan Meeras Miyan Bhadravati Bibi Saheba Saheba Bibi Bibi
Palcodu TN
w/w Akhtari Banu d/o Musa Mn w/w Khuzadi Bibi
Bhadravati Panagudi

Sakina Bibi Syed Ibrahim S.Mehrunnisa Pacha Ziaulla Dtr
w/o Syed Yusuf Bibi
s/o Miras Mn Palcod
w/w Razia Banu d/o Syed Khundmir Palcodu
Ismail Zabi Nuh Naji Adam safi S.Khundmir Son Sajida Akhtar Dtr

Syed Ishaq @ Meeras Miyan Palcodu
w/w Fatima Bibi d/o Shaje Miyan Qamrunnisa d/o Taher(Taroo)Miyan Palcod

Syed Najmuddin Khairunnisa Razia Syed Yusuf Syed Yaqoob Syed Ameeruddin
Wife Batool Bibi w/o Khuddus w Mehrunnisa w Mushtari banu Malika banu
d/o Msk Hafiz Mn d/o S.Mahmud d/o S. Mahmood d/o S Ajmal

S,Naseer S.Zaheer S.Faiz Sheerin Mubeen Shameem Shabreen Anjum
uddin uddin uddin Banu Taj Taj Banu Banu

S.Taheruddin Hajira Banu Akhtar Banu Tasleem Banu
@ Fatima @ kausar

Firdos Banu Shahar Banu Syed Ishaq Syed Mubarak Arshiya Banu
@ Asif @ Shafeeq

With Second wife
Jabeen Taj Mathara taj Musheera Taj M.Farheen A.Farheen
Syed Mahmood @ Syedji Miyan

Khanji Miyan Meeras Miyan Dr Syed Moosa Hyder Miyan Fatah Bibi Manja Bibi Hadan Bibi
Died as child w/o Sha Roshan Miyan

Wife Hafiza Bibi d/o Sha Shaeb s
s /o Yaqoob Miyan Ibrahimi

Syed Khasim Jalal Sha Najmunissa Shahar Banu Syed Ahmed Syed Yusuf Asghari
Pakistan Miyan died w/o Asadulla w/o Syed
Mahmood s/o Mustafa
Mn s/o A.Hai s/o
Khuban Mn Ashrafi
Yasmeen Banu Naseem Banu @ Hafiza

Afreen Banu Syed Arshad Meeras Miyan

Wife Pacha bibi d/o Sha sahib miyan s/o Yaqoob miyan Ibrahimi

Azeezunnissa Hidayatunnisa Raheemunnisa Rahmatunnisa
w/o Yusuf mn w/o syed @ Pyari w/o w/o Budhan
Bannur Mahmood M.Iqbal s/o s/o Raje Khan
s/o Syeda Mn Manju Mn bannur
s/o syed Alam Ishaqi Nizami
Cuddapa Ap
Bandgi Miyan Syed Ibrahim @ bade Meeran Gokak Dist Bijapur Karnatka Miyan Syed Hyder Miyan Syed Alam Tiruchnapally T N
Bng Miyan Syed Hyder buried at Amni Sagar Sri Rangapatna, Bng Miyan Syed Vali @ Bava Saheb Miyan Amni sagar, Bng Miyan Syed Hyder

Chanpatan Miyan Syed Yousuf , Syedji Miyan , Khanji Miyan , Syed Mahmood @ Syedji Miyan .

Dr . C.S.Syed Moosa. LUMS

Born 1916. died 30-01-1977 / 9
safar 1398

Wife Khairunnisa @ Khasoo Ma d/o wife Syeda Safoora Banu d/o Syed Hyder / Roshan bibi Panagudi TN
Budhe miyan Bukhari in childrens of Jafar Asnafi s/o died 18-10-1984 / 22 Muharam 1405 is in childrens of bandgi Miyan
Imam Naqi s/o Imam Taqi s/o Imam Jafar Sadiq r a Syed Ishaq

Badrunnisa Syed Mahmood @ Baba Badrunnisa Syed Mahmood Syed Yusuf Syeda Fatima Syed Mustafa
Died as child died as child @ Banu @ Babu @ Shaukat @ Miyan
w/o Syed Shahabuddin w/o Syed Shafiulla
s/o S.Ismail in Childrens s/o Khuzad Miyan
Khwaja Gesodraz Gulbarga Ashrafi
S.Ismail zabi S.Yasmeen S.Reshma Syeda Tausif Syeda Farha Syed Tariq

Wife S.Naseem Banu d/o B S Ameeruddin Bukhari
s/o Budhe Miyan bukhari (Mandi Bude Miyan)

Syed Moosa Kazim Son Syed Rehan Siddique Son Syed Ather Abbas
Died died

Wife Syeda Zakiya banu d/o B S Ameeruddin Bukhari
s/o Budhe Miyan bukhari (Mandi Bude Miyan)

Syeda Humera Banu Syeda Asna Ashrafi Syed Amanat Mehdi

Syeda Safoora Banu Syed Aftab Syed Jibran Syed Mohsin Syeda Samrin

June , 2007. Thursday

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