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Relational Database Management System

Course Description
Course number DB07 Course RDBMS
Author(s) Dharini Venkataraman Name
Pre-requisites for attending course
Knowledge of basic file handling concepts, programming fundamentals
Stream Target Compet Type Category3
PM Role1 encies2 Essential DB
Estimated course 7 days ( 3.5 hours of lecture and 4.5 hours of practical/day)

Course Objectives
Sl# Objective Demonstrable knowledge/skills
1. To introduce basic RDBMS concepts Knowledge of basic concepts and terminology

2. To introduce database design Knowledge of ER modeling and normalization

3. To introduce SQL commands Knowledge of DDL and DML commands

4. To introduce embedded SQL concepts Ability to understand a PRO*C program

5. To introduce OLTP concepts Knowledge of serializability of transactions,

concurrency and recovery

Course Design
Sl# Unit name Unit objectives and keywords Lecture
1. Introduction To explain basic RDBMS concepts and 1.5
introduce basic terminology

2. ER modeling To explain ER modeling notations 3

3. Normalization To explain functional dependency, normal 2.5

4. SQL To explain the basic DDL ,DML 10.5

commands, the concept of sub queries,
Views, set operations, Joins, Embedded
5. OLTP To introduce basic transaction processing 7
concepts , serializability of transactions,
Locking, Timestamping and Recovery

PM Stream (Choose one)-SE: Software Engineer, PA: Programmer Analyst, PM: Project Manager
Competencies (Choose appropriate ones)-TK:Technical Knowledge, P:Programming, T:Testing, D:Design,
A:Analysis, PS:Pre-sales.
Category (Choose one)-PL: Programming or Programming Language, OS: Operating Systems, DB: Database, NM:
Networks and Middleware, SE: Software Engg, TO: Technical Overview

ER/CORP/CRS/DB07/001 Version No:2.0

1. “Database system concepts”, Henry F Korth, Abraham Silberschatz, Second ed., McGraw-Hill
International editions, Computer Science series(1991)

2. "Fundamentals of Database Systems", Elmasri, Navathe, Third ed, Addison Wesley

3. "An introduction to Database Systems", C.J.Date, Sixth ed, Narosa Publications

ER/CORP/CRS/DB07/001 Version No:2.0