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Assignment - I

Based on the knowledge you gained in the class create an account on
It’s a website where you can create your free account(of type to execute your php scripts. Sign up for a free account
and all the details(including the ftp account) will be mailed to you by this
website itself. Create your scripts in phpdesigner 7 and upload them to your
account. Execute the following script on your newly created account.

* @author MohitGarg
* @copyright 2011
echo "<BR>".gettype($d[$i]);

Is php interpreted or compiled? What is the difference between two?

Q:3 Download wordpress from and install it on the account

you just created in question 1. Download the following link. it and upload the unzipped folder on
your account and enjoy your first blog running and write some new posts.

Q: 4 Read the php.ini file using phpinfo() function and write it down the
following constants from it and explain their significance.


Q:5 Issue netstat command from command prompt and note down all the
ports and socket connection you see ther.Therafter download tcpmon utility
and execute it and check whether you get the same output.