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Biomass Gasifier

Action Plan for February – June, 2011
Bar Chart
Serial No Activity February March
Rice Summit India, 2011 at Karnal for promotion of Biomass Gasifier and Biomass Cogen projects in Rice Mills,
1 Visit of Karnal after summit for development of proposals and Meeting with HAREDA, Secretary, Power,
Haryana and Promoters under the chairmanship of Secretary,MNRE, Govt. of India

Meeting in Uttarakhand for the promotion/development of Pine Needle based biomass gasifier
2 systems.
Follow up with Uttarakhand State Government for the execution of PPA in respect of 120 kWe Pine
3 needle based Gasifier power plant already sanctioned.
Meeting with Tea Board for the development of gasifier project proposals for meeting heat and
4 electricity requirement of the tea industry
Meeting at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for the installation of Lantana / other forest waste based
5 gasifier power projects IN MP.
Meeting of Biomass Gasifier Manufacturers in MNRE for discussing cost, standardization and
6 technology up-gradation in respect of gasifier systems.
Organization of Conference at Bangalore for the promotion of plantation based energy generating
7 systems.
Follow up with the promoters and state nodal agencies for speedy implementation of biomass
8 gasifier systems already sanctioned by MNRE
Development of about 40/50 new project proposals of gasifier systems for thermal and electrical
9 applications in various industries including Rice Mills
Business meets at State Level in West Bengal, Eastern UP, Bihar and Tamilnadu.
Development of about 10 Combustion / Gasifier based tail end Power Projects.
Preparation of Sector Specific Mini-Missions for the installation of Biomass based energy generating
12 systems in various
13 Promotion of biomass based projects in potential industrial clusters

14 Assistance in setting up of gasifier testing centre and development of specifications for gasifiers
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