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Eugene Vivino

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Apus History | Red 3

7 January 2010


California: Resulted in the victory of the Mexican-American war

Desired for its prime location and later the Gold found in Sumters Mill. Aquired in May

of 1858

Alaska: Secretary William Seward made the request to purchase the Alaska territory from

Russia. Russia could not afford to keep Alaska at the time as they had other more

pressing expenditures, and Alaska was drawing more funds than being returned. It was

acquired on April 9, 1867 for $7,200,000.

Hawaii: Used primarily as a transpacific coaling station, America was at the whims of

Hawaii for global excursions. American sugar growers had been taking advantage of the

deal struck between Hawaii and America regarding sugar tax and the lack theroff. After

the King stopped the special treatment, the McKinnely tax came of age and 3 years later

the American expatriates revolted. Dole Food Company played a large role. America

acquired Hawaii in 1898.

Cuba: The Spanish-American was won by the USA. Spain relinquishes sovereignty over
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Cuba, cedes the Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam to the USA for $20 million.

Panama: Panama was primarily purchased in order to build the Panama Canal, a

waterway between the Atlantic ocean and Pacific oceans. It was acquired in 1903 and

construction on the canal began promptly.