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Amity extends a wonderful opportunity for students to do internship abroad through

AIESEC, the world's largest youth-run organization which provides an International
Platform for Young People to Explore and Develop their Leadership Potential.

The internships are with NGOs related to wide variety of issues in community and
are offered in various countries like Turkey, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt,
Togo, Philippines, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Croatia, Cambodia, Peru, Czech
Republic etc.,

The duration of the internship may vary from 04-12 weeks depending upon the
requirement. Internship covers living expenses. Student will be required to bear only the
travel cost & nominal administrative charges of AIESEC.

AIESEC, Delhi University, one of the leading local chapter of AIESEC (India) is extending
full support to help Amity students to participate in international internships, experience
leadership and participate in a global learning environment.

Interested students may send the following details to Ms.Vandana Sharma, APO,
Pro VC Office by e-mail at by May 5, 2011 positively:

S.No. Name Programme Batch Mobile Number E-mail Address

A briefing session for all these interested students will be organized on May 6, 2011 at
Amity University Noida Campus wherein AIESEC Executive Board Members will come
along with some Interns to give presentation & sort out all the queries.

For any further information / query, please feel free to contact Ms.Ritu Chawla / Ms.
Vandana Sharma by phone at 4392259 / 844 or by e-mail at /