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Grade 1A - Weekly Planner

Week 31 - 14th May 2011

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Science Math Arabic Arabic Islamic Studies (English) Social Studies English Spelling English Phonics

Chapter 12 Lesson 5 For A Better World Phonics & Spelling

Chapter 10 Lesson 10 Chapter 29
What are simple Arabic Arabic Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Practice Book Practice Book 1.2
Liters Everday Courtesies
machines? ‫الغة العربية‬ ‫الغة العربية‬ Map of the World Compound Words Compound Words
Pages 387-388 Pages 146-150
Pages 356-359 Pages 28-29 Pages 90-91 Page 103

Qur'an Arabic English HFW English Grammar P.E. Art Art Math

Chapter 10 Lesson 11
Qur'an Arabic Estimating, Measuring
‫القران الكريم‬ ‫الغة العربية‬ School Trip to SciTech Art
and Comparing Weight
Pages 389-390

English Reading & Comprehension Library Science P.E. Qur'an Math Arabic
Reading Street 4:
Peter's Chair

Chapter 12 Lesson 6
Pages 130-149 Library / Activities Chapter 10 Lesson 12
What can you use to Qur'an Arabic
session. P.E. Pounds
communicate? ‫القران الكريم‬ ‫الغة العربية‬
Comprehension: Includes show and tell. Pages 391-392
Pages 360-361
Practice book 1.2
Page 104
I.T. English Phonics English HFW English Grammar Math Arabic Islamiyat (in Arabic) Social Studies

Practice book 1.2


For A Better World

Lesson 2 Practice book 1.2 picture, remember, Chapter 17 Chapter 10 Lesson 13
Arabic Islamiyat Chapter 3 Lesson 3
Looking at Web Pages Vowels ew, ue, ui room, stood, thought, More Describing Words Grams and Kilograms
‫الغة العربية‬ ‫ توحيد‬/ ‫فقه‬ The Arab Countries
page 63-66 Page 105 idea Pages 159-160 Pages 393-394
Pages 30-31
Pages 106-107

Islamic Studies (English) Arabic I.T. English Handwriting English Grammar Science English Spelling
Spelling test on:

backpack, outside,
Lesson 3 Practice, Review & Using Sensory Words & Chapter 12 baseball, herself,
Chapter 29 Arabic
Safety on the Internet Evaluation Feelings Lessons 5 & 6 flashlight, bluebird,
Review ‫الغة العربية‬
page 67-68 Pages 118-120 Pages 161-162 Review lunchbox, suitcase,
inside, brainstorm,
picture, remember
Grade 1A My Homework Week Commencing 14th May 2011

Spelling Test on Wednesday 18th May 2011 Please memorise the spelling of these words for a written spelling test:

backpack, outside, baseball, herself, flashlight, bluebird, lunchbox, suitcase, inside, brainstorm, picture, remember

English: Phonics and spelling practice book, pages

Saturday 89 & 92. Social Studies: For a Better World Workbook Pages WB19 & WB20.
Math: Math Workbook, page 124.

English: Practice book 1.2, page 118.

Sunday Math: Math Workbook, page 125.
Science: Science Workbook Page 130A.

Math: Math Workbook, page 126.

Science: Science Workbook Page 131A.

English: Practices book 1.2, page 119. Social Studies: For a Better World Workbook Pages WB21 &
Math: Math Workbook, page 127. WB22.

English: Harcourt Language Workbook Pages 53,

54, 55 & 56.