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Grade 3C - Weekly Planner

Week 34: 4th June - 8th June 2011

Note: This week during class we will be assessing the students reading fluency as part of the End of Year Exams.
This will be based upon a previously unseen text and so there is no preparation that can be done for this at home.

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Math Social Studies: Health Islamic Studies (English) English P.E. English Arabic Islamiyat (Arabic)

Review Worksheet
Review Comprehension
Review Chapter 4 & Unseen Reading Arabic Islamiyat
Prophet Muhammad Adjective P.E.
(Mulitplication) Worksheet Exam ‫ا  ا‬  / 
Part 5 Worksheet

Science Math I.T. Library Arabic Qur'an English English


Grammar Review &

Chapter 9 End of Year I.T. Exam Library / Activities Arabic Qur'an Unseen Reading
Unseen Reading
Review Review (Division) (Theory) Session ‫ا  ا‬
 ‫اان ا‬ Exam

Science Math English I.T. Arabic Social Studies: Health English Arabic

Chapter 10 and 11 Arabic

End of Year I.T. Exam Grammar: Arabic
Review Worksheet Review Geometry Unseen Reading Exam ‫ا  ا‬ Final Revision
(Practical) Review ‫ا  ا‬

Qur'an Arabic Art Art Math Science English English


Fractions &
Qur'an Arabic Chapter 12 and 13 Review
Art Art Decimals Writing Story

 ‫اان ا‬ ‫ا  ا‬ Review Worksheet Spelling Words

Science P.E. English Math Islamic Studies (English) Arabic English


Final Review P.E. Final Review Final Review Final Review Comprehension
‫ا  ا‬