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Assessment Diagnosis Planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation

Subjective: Activity Intolerance After 4 hours nursing • Monitor v/s • Serves as After 4 hours of
“Di na ko makatindig related to immobility intervention client will baseline data nursing intervention
ng maayos.” As secondary to measurably increase of client. client participation in
verbalized by client. pneumonia as in activity tolerance. conditioning to
manifested by • Encourage • To decrease enhance ability to
Objective: irritability and facial client to rest client’s perform.
• Irritability grimace. cardiac rate.
• Facial
Grimace • Limit • Muscles will
movement and rest to
encourage promote
R.O.M. strength and
exercises. joint motion.

• Promote • To establish
wellness and goal and
provide provide
emotional positive
support in the attitude
process. towards the