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Psycholinguistic Assignment Dina Nirmalasari Novita Andariyati V/A Regular Language Comprehension and Production in Normal Aging Gerolinguistic

which introduced by Cohen in 1979 increases interest in understanding the nature of language in old age. There are three main sections that deal with age-related constancy and change in word, sentence, and discourse level processes. Every section related to comprehension and production of a language. Lexical processing discusses about word recognition, lexical retrieval and asymmetries in processing. Sentence processing deals with sentence comprehension and sentece production. Discourse level processes deal with hearing loss and listening comprehension, situation models and discourse comprehension, discourse production and off-target verbosity. Aging changes humans vision and auditory system including temporal processing of speech. Many researches have proved that those result problem for older adults in processing a language phonologically and semantically than younger adults. Aging also affects working memory capacity in producing and comprehending a language. There are five approaches played significant role which utilized as the major cognitive aging perspectives that have been used to interpret finding on language in old age. EID 007016 EID 007062