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Library Observation and Analysis

LBSC 640 Kathleen Ortiz November 11, 2009

School Library Media Specialists Mission

y Join Me to see if these libraries actually fulfill their mission to

their school to
y Ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and

information. AASL Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs

Cold Spring Elementary School

y Librarian: Christine Little y Location: Montgomery Country y y y y y

District, Size-400 Collection: Books, Subscription Databases, Magazines,Videotapes Budget & Staff: Assistant, Permissive Space: Center of School, Cozy, Promethean Board, Computer Lab Outreach: Collaboration,Website, Tech Guru http://www.montgomeryschools x.shtm

Stuart Hobson Middle School

y Librarian: Janice McKinnon y Location: D.C. Public y

y y

School District, Size-400 Collection: Books, Local Archives, Access to Internet, Public Libraries, Museums Budget & Staff: Grants, Volunteers Space: Renovated, Computers, Inadequate Wiring, Housing other materials Outreach: School projects, Book Club, Community

Churchill High School

y Librarian: Andrea Christman, y y

y y y y

Paige Pagley Location: Montgomery County Public School District, Size-2000 Collection: Books, Magazines, Subscription Databases, Newspapers,Videotapes Budget & Staff: Feels no lack, 2 Assistants Space: State of the Art, Expansive Outreach: Collaboration, Website Page, Student Activities and Club http://www.montgomeryschools a/information.htm

y Elementary: y Heart of the School y Flexible and Fixed Scheduling y Both integrated and stand-alone literacy skills instruction y Tech Guru y Middle School: y Community Outreach y Flexible Scheduling y Quirky Individuality y Student collaboration not teacher focused y High School: y Down to Business y Fixed Scheduling y Developed use of resources y Integration of literacy skills in content collaboration focus on research

Effective Library Media Programs

y User Needs Focus: Approach Different in all Three Programs
y Collaboration y Technology y Space

y Alignment with the school culture

y Projects and Curricula y Positive Support of Administration and Faculty y SLMS Mission fit into School Mission and Curricula

y Advantageous use of available resources

y Used all they have y Both Scheduled and Flexible use of space y No Sense of Ownership