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Box 531, 410 Main Cross Street, Taylorsville, KY 40071 Phone Numbers: Office 502-477-6676 Fax 502-477-5278 Off Hours Emergency # 502-541-6751 Phone #s: Pastor: Father R. Paul Beach 502-477-6676, 502-538-4933, 502-955-5366 Email: Voice Mail Box: Permanent Deacon: Gerry Mattingly Pastoral Assistant: Carl Fahringer 1 Secretary/Bookkeeper/DRE: Diane C. Black 2 Youth Ministry: Laura Zoeller 3 Pastoral Minister/RCIA: Mari Wertz MASS SCHEDULE Saturday Vigil: 5 PM Sunday: 11:30 AM CONFESSIONS Call the Parish Office to arrange to meet with the Pastor, or Confessions are heard on Saturdays at Saint Francis Xavier Church in Mount Washington at 4 PM . OTHER LITURGIES ARE ON WEDNESDAYS Rosary: 6:30 PM Communion Service & Adoration: 7:00 PM BAPTISMS & WEDDINGS Please call the Parish Office during regular business hours. AA Meets at 7:30 PM every Tuesday in the Parish Hall. An open discussion format is used