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The healing powers

of wild chaga mushroom,

birch bark, and poplar buds
the forests most powerful
natural medicines.
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Disclaimer: This book is not intended as a substitute fo ff r medical
diagnosis or treatment. Anyone who has a serious disease should
consult a physician befo ff re initiating any change in treatment
or befo ff re beginning any new treatment.
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Ta TT ble of Contents
Introduction 7
Chapter 1 Forest Medicines 21
Chapter 2 Other Forest Cures 55
Chapter 3 Wild Nature: Proving Ground 79
Chapter 4 Germs, Immunity t , yy and More 99
Chapter 5 Diseases and their Forest Cures 113
Chapter 6 Cancer Cures 145
Chapter 7 Systems Power 169
Chapter 8 The Power of Sterols 199
Chapter 9 Sunlight: The Power of Color 219
Chapter 10 Conclusion 225
Bibliography 237
Index 244
The fo ff rests are teeming with cures fo ff r all that ails the human
race. Commonly, trees are regarded as benefi ff cial fo ff r their
fu ff el and structural components. Ye YY t, perhaps even more
important are the natural medicines which are fo ff und in trees.
In fa ff ct, in these vigorous plants the most powerfu ff l of all
cures are fo ff und.
Lower plants, like herbs and bushes, also off ff e ff r potent
cures. Ye YY t, it is the trees which produce many of the most
powerfu ff l natural substances known fo ff r reversing disease.
Trees are big, so the medicines they produce are
correspondingly powerfu ff l. In this book the true greatness of
medicines fr ff om trees will be revealed. Ye YY t, these trees are
not fr ff om where the average person thinks. They are not fr ff om
the Amazon or tropics. Instead, they are fr ff om the fa ff r
northern fo ff rests of the sub-arctic region. This is where the
most potent and versatile tree medicines can be discovered.
The harsh climate of this region challenges the trees to
produce profo ff undly powerfu ff l medicines. Furthermore,
fr ff om a health point of view this region is not nearly as
dangerous as the tropics. Nor is the ecosystem as delicate,
that is to human intervention. Thus, in these fo ff rests the
natural cures can be harvested without thoroughly
damaging the env nn ironment, as usually occurs in the highly
sensitive tropical ecosystems.
All trees in the northern fo ff rests are medicinal. One tree
which is of particular importance is the birch tree, fr ff om
which a number of cures can be extracted. Both the white
and black birch tree are medicinal. So are the mushrooms
which grow upon them. In addition, the northern poplar tree
produces powerfu ff l medicines. The medicines of these trees
are largely the subj b ect of this book. In natural medicine the
fo ff cus has been on the benefi ff ts of herbs and other small
plants. Again, trees are powerfu ff l beings, plus they are
enormous. Thus, the medicines they produce are
exceptionally powerfu ff l. So are the medicines trapped by
many of the fu ff ngi which grow on these trees. Actually, these
medicines are more powerfu ff l than those produced by the
type of fu ff ngi, which grow on soil.
Besides pine and fi ff r trees poplar trees, as well as white
birch trees, predominate in North America. It is curious that
the white or silvery tree is the source of highly potent
medicines. It is as if its whiteness is a sign of purity.
Actually, the whiteness is proof of a rich sterol content. This
is a kind of dull or pastel white, which is a sign of valuable
medicine. A shiny white coating represents the opposite, and
in wild plants this may indicate a poison, fo ff r instance, the
glossy/shiny white berries of the baneberry plant.
In the case of trees a whitish coating is a positive
indication. It is the powdery white substance or whitish
refl ff ection that is telling. It tells of the existence of potent
medicines, which exist in the white layersthe outer bark
of birch and poplar trees. These medicines are also fo ff und in
the buds and leaves. However, the highest concentration is
fo ff und in the bark. This is because the bark protects the tree
fr ff om all distress. The key components are in the powdery or
dull-white outer bark. Here are fo ff und oxygen-rich
8 The Cure is in the Forest
antioxidants, including sterols, such as betulin and betulinic
acid, and fl ff avonoids such as resveratrol and ellagic acid. The
latter are more correctly known as ellagotannins. Such
fl ff avonoids/ellagotannins also account fo ff r the dull whitish
glistening seen on wild purple fr ff uit such as wild
blackb kk erries, blueberries, black raspberries, and grapes.
Even so, the presence of these antioxidants in birch bark
largely accounts fo ff r its potency. ORAC testing, which is the
state-of- ff the-art system fo ff r evaluating antioxidant powers,
proves that pulverized wild birch bark is exceedingly
powerfu ff l. It scores some 1180 per gram, which makes it
more powerfu ff l as an antioxidant than vitamin E or C and fa ff r
more powerfu ff l than the much touted berries such as
blueberries and acai.
People may not realize it, but in the wild it is not only
fr ff uit and greens which serve as fo ff od fo ff r wild creatures, but
it is also tree parts. For instance, much of the birch tree is
edible. Animals take advantage of this by munching in
particular on the buds and early twigs. These keep the
animals vital by providing much nourishment plus healing
medicines. Now, because of the vast power of the birch
treeas well as its associated fu ff ngihumans are also
beginning to gain these benefi ff ts.
Even so, fo ff r humans this is not a novel fi ff nding. Since
antiquity the inner bark has been used by the Native
Americans as fo ff od. To TT day, research is proving the basis of
this. In ancient Siberia the tree was virtually worshiped by
the natives. Regardless, the signs are obvious fo ff r all to see.
There is nothing more beautifu ff l or distinct in nature than a
strand of birch trees with their inv nn iting white bark amidst
evergreens. Nor is there any sign of greater signifi ff cance fo ff r
the human race than the relatively unknown medicines
concentrated in this species of tree. This is because within
the white substances of this bark are powerfu ff l medicines of
immense value fo ff r humankind. These are medicines which
Introduction 9
are capable of curing diseases fo ff r which, previously,
humankind knew none. This is the power of the fo ff rest cures
mentioned throughout this book.
Let us fu ff rther inv nn estigate birch trees. In that white layer
of these trees is a highly medicinal substance known as
betulin. It is betulin which has proven to be one of the most
powerfu ff l anticancer substances known. It is also a potent
substance fo ff r modulating, that is balancing, the immune
system. Additionally, betulin speeds the healing of tissues as
well as helps reduce infl ff ammation. Furthermore, it is a
natural preservative, as is proven by the fa ff ct that birch bark
greatly resists decomposition. This is the compound made
by the trees fo ff r survival. Humans can take advantage of this
by consuming it. Moreover, betulin and its associated
compounds are exceedingly safe ff fo ff r human intake, that is
they can be consumed with impunity. Furthermore, there are
no drug interactions with birch bark or its extracts.
Howev e er, rr rath tt er th tt an th tt e bar aa k rr th tt e most potent cure is a
growth tt on it. This growth tt concentr tt ates all th tt e bar aa k rr s medicinal
powers. Plus, it essenti t ally pre-digests th tt is bar aa k rr . This is th tt e
chaga mu mm shroom. This mu mm shroom is an exceedingly powerfu ff l
natu tt ral medicine. Chaga has a vast history rr as a natu tt ral
medicine and has been used by th tt e pri rr miti tt ves fo ff r th tt ousands of
year aa s. Of note th tt e infa ff mous iceman of th tt e Alps, fr ff ozen in a
glacier fo ff r over 5,000 year aa s, was fo ff und in possession of chaga.
What is so unique in this birch tree growth that would
elevate it to this status? It was regarded as an inv nn aluable
natural drug by the early primitives, that is as early as the
Bronze Age. Furthermore, the ancient Chinese and Siberians
gave it the highest status of all natural medicines.
What is so potent in its chemistry that would give it this
grand status? Foremost of these powers are the plant sterols
betulin and betulinic acid. Ye YY t, in the process of fe ff eding on
the birch tree it produces its own wild medicines, notably
superoxide dismutase (SOD). The latter is one of the most
10 The Cure is in the Forest
powerfu ff l antioxidative enzymes known. SOD is essential
fo ff r the fu ff nction of all human cells. In its absence the body
Somehow, without any scientifi ff c studies this was
naturally discovered. In ancient times people in Siberia,
China, Ko KK rea, and eastern Europe determined that this
mushroom is a signifi ff cant medicine. Even today in Siberia,
Russia, Ko KK rea, Japan, and eastern Europe, as well as in parts
of northern Canada, chaga is used as a therapeutic agent.
Chaga: Supreme of all tree medicines
Chaga is a wild mushroom. Ye YY t, unlike most wild mushrooms
instead of growing in the soil or upon decomposing matter it
grows on living trees. It has a predilection fo ff r birch trees,
and it is this birch-growing fu ff ngus that is the subj b ect of
much of this book. The fu ff ngus fe ff eds on and, therefo ff re,
concentrates the therapeutic compounds fo ff und in birch
trees. Thus, it is merely the means to predigest the birch tree
nutrientsand medicinesto make them more readily
available and to concentrate them in a usable fo ff rm. In this
respect it truly is a divine gift ff , because it is a vital chemical
fa ff ctory of potent substances, which are of immense value to
human health.
The mushroom is kind of an enigma. On the one hand it
helps the tree, because, largely, it grows on wounds or weak
spots to strengthen it. Ye YY t, ultimately, as it concentrates all
the trees powers it causes them to die. Even so, this is only
a part of nature, because chaga only does this to mature
trees, which are near death regardless.
Te TT chnically, chaga is a polyspore fu ff ngus. This means it
has a diff ff e ff rent structure than the typical soil-growing fu ff ngi.
The latter have gills, while chaga has pores. Another unique
fe ff ature is that this is a highly dry mushroom, whereas most
other mushrooms are soggy or wet. Chaga holds little water
Introduction 11
in the wild, which is why it is so nutrient dense. Its rich
supply of nutrients is largely derived fr ff om the birch tree and
particularly its bark, which it consumes and concentrates.
No doubt, chaga mushroom is a disease-fi ff ghting
powerh rr ouse. This mushroom is highly regar aa ded in Russia and
eastern Europe as a cancer cure. Here, it has been used fo ff r at
least 400 year aa s in th tt e reversal of th tt is disease, par aa ticular aa ly
stomach and lung cancer. The Siberians also hold it as a secret
fo ff r long life ff and physical stamina. To TT o, in north tt ern Canada
th tt e Oj O ibway hold it as a cure fo ff r var aa ious tu tt mors. For th tt is tr tt ibe
it is a fa ff v aa ored cancer cure. In Europe it has been used to cure
infl ff ammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. In
Ko KK rea it is known fo ff r its cap a acity to fi ff ght str tt ess and regulate
energ r y. This demonstr tt ates th tt at th tt is natu tt ral medicine is highly
versatile fo ff r th tt e imp m rovement of human health tt . Moreover,
since it is a kind of fo ff od dd an edible medicinal mushroom mm it
is entirely safe ff fo ff r human use. It is even safe ff to consume fo ff r
those taking numerous medications. Rather, fo ff r such
individuals it is unsafe ff not to tak aa e it, since chaga mushroom
stab a ilizes th tt e body against th tt e noxious eff ff e ff cts of chemical
toxins such as th tt ose fo ff und in phar aa maceutical dru rr gs.
Mushrooms hav aa e been used as medicine and fo ff od fr ff om
th tt e most ancient times. For countless centu tt ries th tt e Chinese
hav aa e tr tt easured th tt em as health tt aids. A numb m er of Chinese
herb r al poti tt ons contain cert rr ain mu mm shrooms, which, aft ff er dr dd y rr ing,
ar aa e boiled into an infu ff sion. In ancient Egypt th tt e Phar aa aohs
considered mu mm shrooms delicacies, while th tt e Greeks regar aa ded
th tt em as str tt ength tt -fo ff ods fo ff r th tt eir ath tt letes and soldiers. The
Romans gav aa e th tt ema divine-like kk statu tt s, serving th tt emin special
fe ff asts. Thus, in ear aa lier ti tt mes many nn people held mu mm shrooms as
hav aa ing virt rr u tt al magical propert rr i t es fo ff r th tt e creati t on of super-
human str tt ength tt . This was becau aa se, in fa ff ct, cert rr ain of th tt ese
mu mm shrooms, with tt th tt eir nutr tt i rr ti tt onal density tt and th tt eir content of
potent agents fo ff r emp mm oweri rr ng th tt e immu mm ne system, do create a
ki kk nd of superi r or health tt . Plus, many n of th tt e mu mm shrooms ar aa e ri rr ch
12 The Cure is in the Forest
in molecules, sterols, th tt at ar aa e similar aa to th tt e powerfu ff l steroids
produced by th tt e human body. Wi WW th tt th tt e ingesti tt on of such
substances th tt ere is a sense of physical str tt ength tt , which includes
an actu tt al increase in mu mm scular aa power. rr
In a sense mushrooms are mysterious. They sometimes
grow overnight. They are clearly diff ff e ff rent than any other
living entity. Neither plant nor animal they are a category
entirely to themselves. Where there is no life ff , they grow.
They thrive on dead and dying matter, mere long ago dead
trunks of logs or other decaying matter. Wherever there is
rot, mushrooms thrive.
To TT survive in such an env nn ironment mushrooms produce
a number of protective substances. These substances
include enzymes, antioxidants, and antibiotics. There is
also a kind of biological fo ff rce that allows mushrooms to
survive in the most challenging of env nn ironments. It is also a
fo ff rce which is needed fo ff r the mushrooms main fu ff nction,
which is to seal all damage to aging birch trees. This fo ff rce
is trapped in chaga. Moreover, the nature of the fo ff rce is
unknown, that is it cannot be isolated. However, as is
proven by the power it creates when consumed by humans,
it is real and absolute. This is the power of existence, the
rapid growth capacity, the aggressive ability to produce
digestive enzymes, the vast capacity to synthesize
antioxidant enzymes, such as SOD, the ability to synthesize
large amounts of sterols, and the capacity to make
inv nn aluable antibiotics. This is why the health benefi ff ts of this
tree mushroom are vast. For these reasons chaga is unique
among tree mushrooms. Tr TT ee mushrooms are particularly
desirable, since these are the strongest type. Additionally,
there is less sensitivity to this type than the mushrooms
which typically grow on the ground.
Perhaps the fa ff ct that certain mushrooms are powerfu ff l
and eff ff e ff ctiveis not so mysterious. Who now leads the
world in productivity? Is it not the regular mushroom
Introduction 13
consumers? It is Russia, China, Japan, and Ko KK rea which are
largely in the fo ff refr ff ont. In all such lands the consumption of
medicinal mushrooms, including chaga, is virtually routine.
In contrast, only a small percentage of people in the We WW stern
countries regularly consume medicinal mushrooms. Nor are
mushrooms used in modern medicine as standard medical
therapy fo ff r degenerative diseases, as they are commonly in
the Orient. Thus, in We WW stern countries medical doctors have
no experience in their use. The consequences of this are dire,
since medicinal mushrooms are both safe ff and eff ff e ff ctive in
the prevention, as well as treatment, of degenerative disease.
Ancient and modern cures
In Chinese medicine among the mass of herbs and potions
chaga held an exceptionally high status. As early as 4500
years ago this fo ff rest cure was named A gift ff fr ff om God. It
was also called King of the Herbs. These early Chinese
practitioners used chaga fo ff r decontamination of the body as
well as to support immune fu ff nction. It was also known by
these ancients to contribute to longevity.
In the mountain villages of Siberia even today people
rely on chaga. They drink a pulverized fo ff rm in hot water as
a beverage, much like We WW sterners drink coff ff e ff e. For
respiratory disorders they burned it and inhaled the smoke.
For rashes, cuts, and contusions they apply it topically. They
also did so fo ff r skin rashes. Ye YY t, it was not merely a village
medicine. Throughout Tsarist Russia it was the prefe ff rred
natural medicine of kings and royalty.
This carried through to modern times. Consider a simple
fa ff ct. As a rule the Russians are a strong, vigorous people.
For instance, in many sports they hold the world strength
records. Russia is second only to America in global power.
Perhaps chaga accounts fo ff r the renowned stamina of the
Russian people, including their athletes. In the height of
14 The Cure is in the Forest
their empire Russian wrestlers and weight lift ff ers were
virtually impossible to defe ff at. For instance, in the Olympics
of the 1960s through 1980s these athletes were nearly
always the most powerfu ff l weight lift ff ers and wrestlers.
Americans would put their best men against them, and the
Russians would still categorically defe ff at them. Their power
was legendary. Chaga was one of the reasons fo ff r their
stamina, although they largely kept this a secret.
On a daily basis people of the Siberian mountains still
consume chaga. They do so to maintain their strength and
vitality. As proof of its powers even in the pre-modern era
many of these people lived to be in their late 90s and even
well over 100. This is a signifi ff cant achievement, considering
the harsh climate in which they live. In contrast, consider the
Inuit, who lived to be on average no older than the mid-50s.
The main diff ff e ff rence between these people is the Siberians
intake of chaga, a fo ff od unknown to the Inuit.
The most common use by th tt ese villagers is dietar aa y or
preventive, th tt at is to maintain a str tt ong immune system and
prevent degenerative disease. Ye YY t, still, in Siberia chaga
extract is a respected medicine fo ff r serious respiratory
disorders, such as asth tt ma, bronchitis, and pneumonia, as well
as degenerative conditions, particularly gastric/duodenal
ulcers, cancer, and tu tt berculosis. The Russian government
supports th tt is. It was th tt e Russian Medical Resear aa ch Council
which has distr tt ibuted great praise fo ff r chaga, deeming it
eff ff e ff ctive in th tt e maintenance of good health tt as well as in th tt e
normalization of immunity and metab a olism. This Council has
also deemed th tt e mushroom eff ff e ff ctive in high blood pressure.
Few oth tt er natu tt ral medicines hav aa e ever ear aa ned such a statu tt s.
Even so, it is not as if medicinal mushrooms are
available in massive quantities. It would be diff ff i ff cult to serve
the whole world with them. This is particularly true of
chaga. Ye YY t, through hard work these mushrooms can be
fo ff und and harvested in nature fo ff r the creation of high-grade
Introduction 15
nutritional supplements. Every dose of such supplements
should be treasured as in the wild these mushrooms are rare.
It is imp mm ortant th tt at, in par aa ticular aa , chaga be car aa efu ff lly
har aa vested. Here, th tt ere must be no greed, and a certain amount
must be left ff in conservation. The types of products mentioned
in th tt is book ar aa e picked by people who ar aa e educated in
conservation and who never over-pick nor destr tt oy natu tt re.
This is a requirement fo ff r th tt e production of th tt e chaga extr tt acts
described here, which are made fr ff om the mushroom
har aa vested in th tt e fa ff r aa reaches of th tt e north tt ern wilderness.
Regar aa dless, much of it is wasted by clear aa -cutting and, th tt en,
when it is fo ff und on matu tt re tr tt ees, it must be har aa vested.
Chaga and similar aa fo ff rest mushrooms ar aa e fu ff ngi. Thus,
rar aa ely, it may not be tolerated. Ye YY t, th tt is is extr tt emely rar aa e if not
unknown. For people who ar aa e sensitive to mushrooms,
perhaps, the chaga may be taken as sublingual drops
emulsifi ff ed in spice oils. In th tt is fo ff rm it is virtu tt ally universally
tolerated. The emulsifi ff cation process not only mak a es th tt e
mushroomcomp mm onents more digestible, but it also neutr tt alizes
some of th tt e fu ff ngus natu tt re of th tt is mushroom, mak aa ing it more
tolerab a le, alth tt ough with tt chaga th tt ere is little if any of th tt is
fu ff ngal sensitivity. Even so, fo ff rest mushrooms ar aa e whole
fo ff ods, which ar aa e well tolerated. In fa ff ct, of all mushrooms
th tt ose which grow on tr tt ees ar aa e th tt e most innocuous of th tt e
var aa ious edible fu ff ngi. Regar aa dless, th tt e vast maj a ority of people
fi ff nd emulsifi ff ed chaga inv nn aluab a le fo ff r increasing th tt eir stamina
and physical power, a benefi ff t th tt at all people need.
Tree mushrooms include shiitake, oyster, reishi,
maitake, and chaga. Such mushrooms extract the power and
strength of the trees, which, aft ff er these fo ff ods are ingested, is
transfe ff rred to humans. Tr TT ees are among the most powerfu ff l
of all living entities. It is through the ingestion of the tree
mushroom chaga that humans can readily gain the powers of
these plants. The birch tree is one of the most long-lived and
disease-fr ff ee of all trees. Chaga concentrates all its greatness.
16 The Cure is in the Forest
The trees themselves may be harvested. In the case of
birch trees both the inner and outer bark are edible, as are the
spring leaves and buds. For poplar the inner bark and spring
buds are both fo ff od and medicine.
Can a mushrooma fu ff ngustruly be medicinal? The
oriental use alone proves this. Regardless, this is obviously
the case, since some of the most commonplace medicines
today derive fr ff om fu ff ngi, fo ff r instance, penicillin,
griseofu ff lvin, eryth tt romycin, and cyclosporine. No wonder T.
A. Aj A ith tt said in his inv nn estigation on medicinal mushrooms,
published in the Jo JJ urn rr al of o Clinical Biochemistry rr and
Nu NN trition, that these fo ff ods are unlimited sources of
th tt erap a eutically usefu ff l biological agents. In oth tt er words, th tt e
mushrooms contain actu tt al substances with tt potent dru rr g-like
actions. Ye YY t, th tt ere is a diff ff e ff rence between dru rr gs and th tt e
mushrooms, since extr tt acts of th tt e latter ar aa e fr ff ee of side eff ff e ff cts.
The great threat to human beings fr ff om infe ff ctious disease
and cancer remains preeminent. Rather than vaccines and
synthetic drugs only natural medicines, such as chaga, birch
bark extract, poplar bud extract, raw honey, and wild
oregano oil, off ff e ff r the hopeand disease-eradicating
power rr needed by human beings fo ff r survival. By taking
advantage of these natural medicines the person has not only
the opportunity to be protected but also to achieve the cure,
which is the eradication of chronic, unrelenting disease as
well as protection fr ff om sudden life ff threatening infe ff ctions.
In this regard medicinal mushrooms have endless
potential. Mushrooms contain a wide range of compounds
with signifi ff cant curative properties. Note the authors of the
Pharm rr acological Po PP tential of o Mushro rr oms these substances
have germ killing properties and are in particular antiviral.
They also have signifi ff cant cancer-killing capacity and
clearly help balance, even activate, the immune system.
There are compounds in mushrooms which halt and reverse
allergy and still others which protect the liver fr ff om noxious
Introduction 17
damage. Other capacities include the ability to reverse
pancreatic damage and lower excessively high blood sugar
levels. There are also well established pain-relieving and
antiinfl ff ammatory actions of medicinal mushrooms. Thus,
essentially, these mushrooms are cure-alls.
The king of these mushrooms, chaga, is, perhaps, the
most rare. It doesnt grow virtually everywhere, like many
other fo ff rest mushrooms. For the chaga hunter it may take
days or even weeks of searching to fi ff nd one mature growth.
So, it must be regarded as a most precious natural medicine
to be used conservatively, that is as needed. The best way to
use it is in combination with a whole body regeneration plan,
including wholesome diet, exercise, and good mental
attitude. The intake of birch bark rr extr tt acts helps conserve it,
because to a degree birch bark rr duplicates it. Do make use of
it, but do so with gratitude and care. Also, people should take
advantage of wild, raw berr rr ies extr tt act, the type made fr ff om
remote-source Canadian berr rr ies (see Th TT e Wi WW ld Berry rr Cure rr ,
Knowledge House Publishers, same author). Chaga and the
wild berr rr ies make an ideal grouping of natural medicines fo ff r
prevention of disease and fo ff r the maintenance of ideal health.
Chaga and birch bark medicines are most eff ff e ff ctive in
people who dont abuse themselves. There is no use in
taking such a powerfu ff l natural medicine, while acting
destructively. The person should have a positive attitude
with the chaga and birch bark, as these are powerfu ff l and,
therefo ff re, will aid in rebuilding overall health.
Most of the cure is in belief. This is why a positive
attitude is so crucial. It makes no sense to take such a
precious medicine with a negative attitude. This defe ff ats the
purpose. This includes people who repeatedly batter
themselves psychologically. In other words, there needs to
be a certain degree of peace in a persons heart and soul to
most greatly benefi ff t fr ff om it. There is another caveat. This is
the fa ff ct that by taking these natural medicines there is less
18 The Cure is in the Forest
likelihood to commit self- ff abuse. When a person fe ff els
goodwhen such a one has his own internal energythen,
this person is less likely to submit to noxious fo ff ods and
beverages fo ff r stimulation and/or energy. By creating
internal power the fo ff rest medicines will replace this, and,
then, when a person returns to the noxious agents, he/she
will fi ff nd that they disrupt the system. As a result, the person
will be repelled by such poisonous substances.
This info ff rmation is life ff -changing. Now, th tt ere can be
internal energ r y like never befo ff re experienced. This is th tt e
energ r y needed to rebuild th tt e body and to maintain ideal
health tt . It is also th tt at much desired energ r y to fu ff nction ideally
on a daily basis. Thus, with tt chaga-birch bar aa k rr extr tt acts th tt ere is
no longer any need fo ff r har aa sh substances, th tt at is fo ff ods and
beverages th tt at ar aa e dru rr g-like. These fo ff ods/b // everages with tt
noxious and stimulatory eff ff e ff cts include coff ff e ff e, black tea,
green tea, cocoa, chocolate, vanilla bean, and cocoa bean.
These substances ar aa e commonly used by people fo ff r an
ar aa tifi ff cial lift ff . The problem is th tt at people ar aa e oft ff en addicted to
such stimulants. Moreover, th tt ey may be allerg r ic to th tt em,
which causes infl ff ammation. There ar aa e oth tt er negative eff ff e ff cts
such as irritability, spastic colon, sinus infl ff ammation,
headaches, hear aa tb t urn, and excess diuresis. Ye YY t, all th tt ese can be
replaced with tt chaga/ aa b // irch bar aa k rr . The benefi ff t is th tt e creation of
natu tt ral physiological energ r y. This is a kind of power-energ r y
which stimulants ar aa e incap a ab a le of producing. Thus, th tt rough
th tt e intak aa e of wild, raw aa fo ff rest medicines, including chaga
mushroom extr tt act, birch bar aa k rr extr tt act, poplar aa bud extr tt act,
wild, raw aa greens extr tt acts, org r anic root, and wild, raw aa berr rr ies
extr tt acts th tt ere is th tt e benefi ff t of th tt e creation of real power,
which sustains th tt e individual. In par aa ticular aa is th tt e power of
extr tt acts of chaga and birch bar aa k rr , along with tt maca. These will
replace ar aa tifi ff cial stimulants and will create such profo ff und
powers in th tt e body th tt at were never befo ff re experienced. That
is th tt e guar aa antee of th tt e wild fo ff rest cures.
Introduction 19
Trees are the most powerful of all plants. They are also the
longest lived. Find out the most powerful cures of the forest,
especially the wild chaga mushroom and wild birch bark.
Learn how chaga mushroom extract:
gives you enormous strength and energy helps reverse serious
disease, including cancer, heart disease, lung disease, pain
syndromes, eczema, psoriasis, and high blood pressure
greatly boosts and strengthens the immune system
helps prevent all diseases and increases liIespan
Learn how wild chaga and birch bark fight pain as well as
fatigue. Discover the powers of wild poplar buds, the most
potent anti-inflammatory and arthritis-fighting agent known.
Get well quickly through forest cures.
by Dr. Cass Ingram
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