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Greetings soon to be Sovereign People! :) Here are the documents I

compiled to get you on your way!

If you like to do your tradename I suggest you fill out the COPY RIGHT FORM I included in the package. DONT REGISTER YOUR NAME AS A TRADENAME. I DID THAT AND THE IRS WANTED TO TAX ME FOR MY BUSINESS NAME

SO I CANCELED IT! Fill out the copyright form and file it with the and also post it in your local newspaper for 4 weeks to let them know where you stand! Thats it! That name is yours and belongs to you only! 1. Security Agreement between you and your strawman. If you have real estate you will need to include that as well as on your UCC-1 Form or Addendum. Take the Security Agreement get it Notarized and Filed in county clerk office or Get the filing number of the Document and place it in the UCC. I filed my UCC with Washington State online. I added my drivers license, birth certificate number, social security number, my childrens birth certificate number, and their social, passport number, vin number of my vehicle, you can add your home address if you own a house, etc. I've included ways to fill out the UCC which is a piece of cake. :) This will separate you from your strawman name claiming ownership to it and letting the world know that you are no longer playing by the law of Statute rules. That they are not to take your name anymore. You own your entire information including your bad credit!! Note:(After you put your information in there it will ask you to check certain boxes you will also find in the other ucc file included in FLORIDA.I advise you to use the UCC from the state you were born in and or where you reside. If you are having issues filing it then I suggest you do it through Washington state or Oregon. Check that you are a xTRUST and xTransmitting Utility. Those who are married please add your marriage certificate and accept it for value to US Treasury as well when you send it off with Birth Certificate or else it wont work. You will need to cross file with your spouse but let them fill their own UCC, dont do one together okay. I would mail the UCC form, Tradename License copy, Security agreement, Copies of birth certificates and marraige license over to the secretary of state to file it in as hard copy. Its more solid that way. Then after receiving it back I would send it off to the US Treasury along with the other documents. This may take up to two weeks but Its better to be safe then sorry. Add all of your vehicles, your childrens social security numbers and birth certificates into the box and of course copies of their BC. I had to throw that in. In the ucc1dJ contains a sample that you can retype to make it easier for you.) You may have to click in the blanks for the Type to show up. 3. I ordered my original Birth Certificate from Vital Statistics. Once you receive it you put on the back the Accepted for Value Stamp. I just printed it on the back. If you like print it on both sides 4. While your waiting for your BC Fill out your Political Declaration Document to Declare that you are a Sovereign being! This is similar to The Notice of Understanding and Claim of Intent document which also can be used. I did both!!! I got the Notice of Understanding Doc Notarized and sent it off with all the documents to the US Treasury! Now with the Political Declaration Doc its alittle bit more complicated but has more meat to it and can save you from alot of trouble.

You have to get it Notarized with your Thumb Prints applied to the Seal Area. The L.s area is where you will sign. That part was confusing for me, Took me forever to figure it out as some notaries couldn't give me an answer either! Then after you get that document notarized you will take it to the county clerks office to get the signatures Verified for $5 a notary signature, then go to the Secretary of State and get the Document Apostille or Notarized as a Foreign Document as that is what it is. You are considered Foreign to their Law of Statute as you are Sovereign. This will cost you $20 via Mail or $20 in person and $6 over the counter fees. Once they put that great big golden seal on it you are able to use this document anywhere in the world that is part of the HAGUE CONVENTION, 5 OCTOBER 1961. The lady asked me what country it was going to, and I just said Canada. It doesnt matter. I would get that filed into the Court as a form of protection before you send it off to the US Treasury. I would make several copies first then send it off to the US Treasury so he knows where you stand. 5. You will fill out the hold harmless Agreement, Trademark or Copyright doc, Power of attorney, Bill of Exchange and Chargeback letter. Do it in this order Charge Back Cover Letter, Bill of Exchange, Birth Certificate,UCC-1 Receipt, 1040ES (Fill out your information only do not sign and do not put any amount,Let them figure it out as they will use that to calculate the debts.)Notice of Intent or the Political Declaration Doc, Copyright;Trademark doc, hold harmless agreement, Security Agreement, and Power of attorney. This should do it. Make sure you make copies before sending them off. Put Registered Mail Number you get from Post Office starts in RR on each document from the Post office before you do send them off! This is your account number to your Trust Account or trust fund! Very important! And send it certified. Make sure they sign it. From the time you receive your Green paper back from them give them 30 days. If you hear no word then it is LAW! You then have secured your Bonds, Trust account with the US Treasury and are a Sovereign being! Congrats to that! Now you can give them the bird when they try to order you to take that SWINE FLU VACCINE!!!! HA HA HA If you have anymore questions or feel Im missing something please address this. Thanx Druanna Freewoman on the Land!!

Accepted for Value I also wanted to add that when you sign anything at all, Please use a BLU

INK!!!!! When you accept anything for Value use a Blue Ink pen as it secures the transaction more efficiently as all other corporations write in black ink.

WHEN IN COURT!!!(Very Valuable information) Here is a very important document you need to use if you had to go to court in the last minute and you haven't anytime to get your Package out to the US Treasury etc. Grab a W-9! Don't fill it out! Just grab a stack of them and go to court. Immediately what you do is give the judge, the staff that is witnessing your case the w-9! What that does is it tells them that you KNOW WHATS UP! You know that the court is a Fiction and a court of Commerce, and also you are an Associate of THEIR CORPORATION and should be treated as such! You all work for the same Corporation and that you are to be respected! The judge will look at it and wont even want to touch you as he knows you will be speaking Sovereign Lingo! HA!!! If they actually take the w-9 and proceed with the case, lets say, Whatever the charges are against you, Just Discharge it with the A4V and Sign a money order of the amount and give it back. I also included the Money Order pdf and the A4V one. To Clean up your Credit that happened before you became a Secured Creditor! Whenever you receive a bill that you cant pay and you are waiting awhile to pay it, this can be student loans car loans Mortgages phone bills, credit card bills etc. You can Have them send you the bill and call collections if you have anything on there and have them send you a bill and /or statement. What you will need to do is write on the statement in a 45 degree angle in Red ACCEPTED FOR VALUE which I have included with this package. Sign your information in Blue! Then you will do a Money Order In REd and Sign it in Blue. turn the page over that you intend to do the money order on and sign it like a check! This can be done on the same page. Any writing you see on the back Put the Accept it for Value on it! Once your done send your bills now money orders to The IRS! Here are the


(In Red) ACCEPTED FOR VALUE EXEMPT FROM LEVY DEPOSIT TO US TREASURY Signature_____(sign in blue)____________ EIN#_____________________ CHARGE TO: STRAWMAN NAME SS#______________________ Sign information in BLUE!!!

Now for the Money order you turn the voucher into you write on the front: This is a Money Order Pay to US Treasury (write out the amount & write numerical amount) By: Sign in blue Authorized Representative Ss without dashes Then you endorse it on the back!! Thats it! And you send a 1099A or C along with it stating that you are the one who created the Credit not them! Send to one of these 3 addresses: IRS Technical Support Division c/o Treasury UCC Contract Trust Internal Revenue Service 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20220 Internal Revenue Service 4440 P.O. Box 9036 Ogden, UT 84201

Internal Revenue Criminal Investigation Division Box 192 Covington, KY 41012

There ya have it guys. You can discharge all kinds of debt, Mortgage, Car Loan, Loans, Credit card debt and keep reusing it. Heck yeah. Time to LIVE!!!

I also Included Documents to discharge your Mortgage through the UCC process! Have FUN! :)