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1. In Diagram 1, the function h maps x to y and the function g maps y to z.

Determine a) b) 

2. The function w is defined as Find a) b)

3. The following information refers to the functions h and g   Find  

4. The straight line  range of values of p.

does not intersect the curve 


. Find the

5. Solve the quadratic equation  decimal places.

Give your answer correct to three

6. Diagram 2 shows the graph of a quadratic function constant.

 where p is a

The curve  State a) the value of p b) the value of q

has the minimum point

, where q is a constant.

c) the equation 0f the axis of symmetry

7. A quadratic equation of p.

has two equal roots. Find the possible values

8. Diagram 3 shows the graph of a quadratic function  is a tangent to the curve 

The straight line 

a) Write the equation of the axis of symmetry of the curve. b) Express in the form of   where b and c are constants.

9. Find the range of values of x for

10. Given that function

, find the values of x such that

11. Given that functions


, find

a) b) The value of such that  

12. The quadratic function

, where p, q and r are constants, has a .

minimum value of -4. The equation of axis of symmetry is  State a) the range of value of p b) the value of q c) the value of r

13. Diagram below shows the curve of a quadratic function


curve has a maximum point at B(2, p) and intersects the f(x) axis at point A.

a) state the coordinates of A b) by using the method of completing the square, find the value of k and of p c) determine the range of values of x, if  

14. Given the functions a) b) the value of x if