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Title: Using Podcasts to Support Multiplication Fact Acquisition Subject: 3rd Grade Math Goal: Students will increase

their automaticity with their multiplication facts. Objectives: Standards: M3.A.2.1.1 Materials: Flip Video Cameras Multiplication Rap & Hip Hop CD SchoolHouse Rock: Mulitplication Rock CD Multilplication Unplugged CD Tunes that Teach Multiplication CD Scott Foresman Addison Wesely 3rd Grade Math Text Book Mulitplication the Fun Way Resources: asy.htm

Time Frame: 1 month Instructional Activity 1. Motivation Content of Activity The teacher will motivate students by tapping into their interests. The teacher will inform students of the lesson objectives. Means of Presenting Activity y The teacher will tell students they will get the chance to film their own music video.

2. Objectives

3. Prerequisites

Students will review addition facts, because multiplication is repeated addition. Students will be introduced to their multiplication fact through a variety of sources.

The teacher will explain to students that they will choose a multiplication song that they will turn into a music video. The will film it using a Flip Video Camera and turn it into a podcast. Students will review addition facts through the Quiz, Quiz,Trade Kagan Structure.

4. Information and examples

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Teachers will teach introduce students to multiplication facts through the book Multiplication the Fun Way. Students will review multiplication facts by learning and sing songs. Students will review multiplication facts through the Quiz, Quiz, Trade Kagan Structure. The teacher will assign students to groups. Students will select a song to use for their video. Students can select roles: costume designer, choreography, director, set design, etc. Students will plan out and practice their video. They will shoot their video using Flip Video Cameras. Students will turn their videos into podcasts using Students will take the Chapter 5 and 6 Test on Multiplication.

5. Practice and feedback

Students will create and film music videos based on a multiplication song of their choosing. They will turn these into podcasts.

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6. Testing

7. Enrichment and Remediation

Students will be assessed on their multiplication knowledge. Students who average an 85% or higher on the Chapter 5 and 6 exams may need enrichment. Students who perform lower may need remediation.

Enrichment: Students can be introduced to division, and 1 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Here are some websites for enrichment: b/mentalmaths/dividermachine.html mes/numberballoons/NumberBalloons_times _level1.htm Lessons/CameronsTrip/default.htm

Remediation: Students who need additional review of multiplication facts may visit theses websites: b/mentalmaths/testtest.html Lessons/AnimalLegs/default.htm ationtable.html plication.html ebMozilla/multiplicationm.html Lessons/GroupsOfDogs/default.htm Lessons/Hotel6/default.htm es/tractor-multiplication/tractormultiplication.html es/grand_prix/grand_prix.htmlv t/mult.html mes/Add%20Like%20Mad%20Math/multiplca tionstation_easy.htm uickflash/flash/index.html es/space-race/space-race.html Lessons/SpinningWheels/default.htm

mchall.html b/mentalmaths/tabletrees.html aire-multiplication-quiz.html