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Nominated Palm Awards

Best Leading Actress 2010

Representation Gilchrist Management

(02) 6621 8062 P.O. Bo 5131, East Lismore, NSW 2480

Height Hair Build Chest

53/160cm Black Athletic 89cm

Weight Eyes Playing Age

50kg Brown 26-34

Skills : Pilates, free running, 50s & 60s Dance, Swing, Barista Ballroom, Advanced Lifts, Basic Stunt Training Basic Gymnastics Basic Weapon Handling Training. Basic Vehicle Control Recently appointed the "Face Of" & Presenter " of the 2011 "48 Hour Film Project"

Feature Film
AustrAliens Hounslow Fatherhood Birth Of a Warrior IMDB Credit Newtons 3rd Law IMDB Credit Plagued IMDB Credit Principle Cast Feature Cast/Casting Assistant/On Set Acting Coach Lead Cheryl/On set Acting Coach Perese Film Productions Cardia Films Dystopic Films 2011/2012 2011 2011

Film Opener/Warriors Mother

Waddell Productions

2011 2011 2011

Lead Natalie

World Pictures Australia


Burnt Dog Productions


When One Door Closes. No Mans Land True Lies Laura/Autumn Mono (Nominated "Best Leading Actress") Lead Ange Lead Scarlett Dream Run Theatre Company Michael Lill Michael Lill 2010 1998 1995

Short Film
A Dish Best Served Cold Apoc Alex Vehemence The Eighth Degree IMDB Credit Lead Tanya Lead Alex Lead Jen Lead Marrianne Mark Rasmussen TwinstarStunts/Amanda Fox Amanda Fox/Charlie R Barnett Charlie R Barnett 2011 2011 2010 2010

48 Hour Film Project Precognition Pilot Making Changs Pilot Vigilante Pilot Official "Face Of & Presenter" Mrs Rubenstein Lead Female Featured Constable Price /Police Officer Tom Papas (CEO) Cardia Films Raelene Metlisky Parenthesis Pictures 2011 2011 2010 2009

Commercials Experienced in television commercials list for conflict purposes provided upon request

Acting Coaching Casting Workshop Script Workout Viviane Vives TAFTA/Thea Mc Leod SAM/Erryn Arkin 2011 2010 2009-2010

Actors and Presenters Workshop Tool for the Independent Actor Professiional Actors Workshop Showreel Workshop Screen Test Workshop

Templar Film School

Jeff Purser/Billy Millionis


Kirsty Mc Gregor



Joseph Middleton John Orcsik/Dave Newman John Orcsik

2009 2009 2009

Studied Drama, Drama and Theatre -6 year Drama Program, trained by NIDA Graduate Michael Lill (1993-1998)