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BSIT 412 INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES ASSIGNMENT 2 1) Create a web page to include a background image and a background music 2) Create

a web page with heading "My Hobbies" in heading size one, include a list of your hobbies in it. You can use ordered or unordered list to display your hobbies. 3) Use preformatted tags and display something as shown. Add as many attributes you know for your body tag. Name ***** Raju Rani yashwanth Email *****

4) Create an html page to include an image. Use as many image attributes. 5) Create a Frames based page as shown in the diagram


Links Page

Details Page

6) Create a header file, "links.html" file with hyperlinks to all the samples you did so far based on topics and one "details.html" details page. Name the frames file as "index.html" or "index.htm" .When you open index page its should display a header, links to all exercise files, and a sample details page. Upon clicking the links on the links page, it should display its contents in the details page.