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A Melody of Love

Ricardo Sal LaRosa VIII Iulius MMXI - Long Island, New York

There is music and joy in your laughter Those incredible sweet couplets of romance That are your lips! A self perpetuating and everlasting love Endless as those stars are in the heavens above Love of my life! I love you through the good times And I love you even more through the hard times When life implodes; penniless you and I but not doomed! For you are my inspiration Your are my sun raising every morning upon my world You are the reason I was born on earth! I shall always love you no matter what girl I will work from sunrise to sunset And we shall make a home sweet home! I adore you with all my heart, my darling You are the fulfillment of dreams long dreamt You are divine, wonderfulness and splendidly amazing, my love! Can I compare you to the stars in the night skies O but what a shame for they are dim Compared to the light emanating from your eyes into my soul! Can I compare you to the roses in a garden O but what a shame for they smell like nothingness Compared to the sweet gardenia scent of your smooth luscious skin! Can I compare you to Helena of Troy, Cleopatra and Juliet O but what a shame for their spirits cried out with bitter-sweet envies When they saw us kissing for the first time; and you cried fearing I did not love you, my love! My love! My love!!!

Sa Ricardo Sal LaRosa Private Poetry Collection - Long Island, New York