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(Number AP-01-10/03)

Turbine Diverters Natural Gas Turbine Plants

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Co-Generation Installation. Design Temperature 1100F Internal ceramic insulation with stainless steel grade 409 floating cladding. Pneumatic actuator with air tank system for fail to bypass operation. Fully installed with outlet high temperature expansion joints.
Models available for turbine range from 1 to 50 MW turbines.

Turbine: Solar Taurus 60 & 70 End User: University Cogen Facility Location: Southwest U.S.A.
The unique and very demanding environment of a cogeneration system requires in-depth design and precise engineering. You will benefit from our knowledge of high-temperature application such as this one at the co-generation facility of a University. Flextor offers a complete line of high-end turbine diverter dampers, and turbine expansion joints.

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