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ARE YOU STILL THERE? : SKYPE CHAT [10:00:19] [10:31:20] [..

.] [10:11:13] Rachel Lois Clapham says: lets start by saying something like 'we work from a position of reciprocity with art and artists' Mary Paterson says: OK Mary Paterson says: And that way of working has implications for the text - instead of being... Rachel Lois Clapham says: I think thats important Mary says;.... an adjunct or an afterthought, it happens alongside the performance, as another kind of productive activity Rachel Lois shows something of our collaborative ethos and the way we do not site ourselves apart from the performers or the work being made Rachel Lois Clapham says: 10 minutes in!! Mary Paterson says: So that's when we talk about critical writing as discourse and practice? Rachel Lois Clapham says: [10:12:13] Yes. critical writing IS our research interest, how critical writing can be about/on/as something, something like performance. Mary Paterson says: I want to say something about closeness, about building the writing as one kind of equivalent experience, instead of something that ties up all the loose ends Mary Paterson says: But also about the fact that we're not aligned with any institution Mary Paterson says: So we have to find a closeness with a range of people! Rachel Lois Clapham says: critical writing as one stage in the evolution of performance- the beginning of a dialogue not the end of one Rachel Lois Clapham says: oops sorry crossed wires. Yes. Mary Paterson says: the fact that the writing we produce is an unknown product. [10:13:00] [...] Rachel Lois says writing as one stage in the archival return or evolution of live performance that is live performance as always already mediated, documented, bound in and by text. Mary says: no problem Rachel Lois Clapham says: Re evolution. We may be talking to some archive experts- I think that bit of subtext might be important. It moves us away from any suspicion of writing being a wounding act in relation to the live.

[] Short excerpt of paper delivered at Creating Digital Documentation of Performance, JISC Digital Media / Bristol University, September 23 2009. ARE YOU STILL THERE? : SKYPE CHAT [10:00:19] [10:31:20] C. Open Dialogues. #JDMperform09.

Mary Paterson says: Ok, really got to go - have we missed anything? Rachel Lois says [10:31:20] - are you still there?