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Immunotec Research, Ltd.

292 Adrien-Patenaude Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec, Canada Box 53 Paradise, Nova Scotia B0S 1R0 October 6, 1998 Dear Mr. Roberts, I am writing regarding my wife who has a disease known as Neurofibromatosis. This disease stems from a mix up in the chromosomes and actually is a mutation, which causes tumors to grow on the nerve endings. Often, it can result in blindness, deafness, paralysis, mental retardation and then of course, the worst scenario cancer. To date, there is no known cure and possibly never will be for how do you reverse a mutation? The disease is complicated and has baffled researchers to the point where they have thrown out all previous research to start over at square one. The only hope they can offer these patients is to surgically remove the tumors and wait for them to grow back. This unfortunately is not satisfactory as we can see a surgeon only once a year and at the most he will do is to remove three or four tumors. In that same time, the patient may develop several more tumors - as in my wifes case as many as twenty more. So as you can see, in just a few short years, the disease can very quickly take the upper hand on ones health. We have researched this disease and tried many herbal remedies but all came up short. Not one had any positive affects on my wifes condition. We had no hope and felt like giving up! And then just a few short months ago, I received a package from Jim Hawley and like a fool, I never looked at the information for 3 months. I finally decided to open the package and was shocked and pleasantly surprised at what I was reading! I played the tape and couldnt believe what I was hearing. We had prayed for an answer and hear it was! As soon as I could, I ordered a box of Immunocal HMS-90. Never did I expect to get the results we got. Within ten days on 3 pouches a day, twelve smaller tumors had completely dissolved! Since then, we have taken pictures to show a before and after scenario of the tumors. We expect to see further evidence of what this product is doing for my wife. We are excited about the possibilities of this product and hope that our testimonial will be of some encouragement to others to try IMMUNOCAL HMS-90. Thank you Immunocal and Immunotec! Sincerely, Bob Drever