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Curriculum for Aerobics Units to be covered: 1. Cardiovascular 2. The Aerobic Principle 3. Weight Control and Nutrition 4.

Routine - Choreography Written Units Quizzes will be given on each area of fitness. Written paper on a fitness goal - to be determined by the student. Fitness Units a. Cardiovascular 1 1/2 mi. run test b. Body Composition Fat Percentage c. Strength - Weight Training - beginning d. Nutrition e. Stress Management f. Aerobic Routine Presidential Fitness tests will be given at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester. Results will be given to the District Office. a. Flexibility - Sit reach b. Agility - Shuttle run c. Strength - Pull ups d. Cardiovascular endurance - 1 mile run e. Abdominal strength - Sit ups Aerobic Routine Each student will develop and put together an aerobic routine to demonstrate and teach to the class.

Get a folder for all of your assignments, handouts and tests. You will be graded on this Keep a pencil in your P.E. locker!!