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Automatic Contact less Coach Display System for Approaching Stations is an end solution to ease out the difficulties of the passengers traveling in the A/C coaches by Trains, who always face the problem of not being able to identify their destination in transit. The problem takes its height in the night journey, where passengers become restless and make ineffective efforts peeping through the window panels not to miss their destination. Most of the express trains cover long distances, and the passengers inside the compartments will be relaxing over the berths, they dont know where they are. Whenever the train is halted at a station, they have to get down from the berth for identifying the station. This is causing trouble to the passengers; sometimes the passengers inattentively may skip their destination. To avoid this kind of inconvenience to the passengers, this project work is designed, which displays the approaching railway station name automatically & alerts the passengers by energizing the buzzer for a moment. The information will be displayed thrice through scrolling manner. This module is designed with a combination of HW & SW, and it is a best solution to the Indian Railways. The system is aimed to identify and display the approaching station in advance, i.e. just before reaching to the station. The display section is designed with 336 LEDs, and they are formed in matrix mode of operation. The data transmitting module arranged just before the station will be transmitting the station information continuously through an IR led. Here proximity detection scheme is employed, such that the processor unit equipped inside coach acquires the data, which will be displayed. This kind of display systems can be installed in each and every compartment of a train for the convenient of the passengers. Thus this is a quite useful system for the passengers those who are traveling in reserved compartments.