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1) Clearly define the issue(s) addressed ( What the article is about) One issue that they mention is about the thought that people has about the leadership which has been adapted to believe in some theories from people who has been a great leader in the whole world, but this is wrong because that people was leader by themselves using personal experience and knowledge applied to those cases, thing that may vary from one company to another due to, each one need to fit the structure or the way for leadership depending of the situation. This is the main idea of the article, identify all the cycles that the leader may develop to know how, where and what need to apply in the cases that the company may have in the future.

2) Describe why the topic is related to human resource management Is related because if we know how we can develop and apply the ability to influence favorable on the people that is on our company, in order to motivate the employees and improve the performance in our company, which is extremely important to the excellent operation in all businesses. In other aspect like the experience is related to this topic because if a manager doesn t have experience to apply in all the structure based on leadership, he won t be able to know how the company could improve the techniques and process to be every day more efficient and motivated to continue working on it.

3) Describe in detail the impact of the issue in human resource management It has a big impact in the human resource because if a manager it doesnt have an excellent knowledge about the leadership and don t know that we have to apply the leadership depending of the company, may have a lot of mistakes trying to use theories that may not fix from other people that don t have the case exactly as the manager has, which could be really dangerous for the development and progress of the company.

4) State you opinion of the article and why it affects human resource management I think is a good article, because we can use it to make the difference between each kind and aspects about leadership based in the human resources, the most important part of a company. Here I can see the ways that a leader has to enter or analyze about his workgroup to know how he could influence on the head of that people in order to make the difference and awaken interest about the work and goal that all the company has in common, the efficient and proactive leadership.