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DAY 8 I. OBJECTIVE: 1. Identify the energy forms and their uses. 2. Investigate changes which involve different forms of energy. SUBJECT MATTER: a. Unit: Energy b. Topic: Forms of Energy c. Science Concept: The different forms of energy are: chemical energy, mechanical sound Energy, electrical energy, radiant energy and nuclear energy. d. References: Science and Me 6, pp. 131-141; Into The Future: Science & Health, p. 146 Todays Science & Health, pp. 146-152, BEC IV -1. e. Processes Stressed: Identifying and Investigating f. Materials: Pictures of Sources of Energy, Activity sheets, Cartolina strips and Charts. PROCEDURE: A. Preparatory Activities 1. Prayer Energizer / Health Report / Science News 2. Review: Tell if the following effects of household materials are beneficial of harmful. Pesticides kill or destroy harmful organisms. Sprays pollute the air and destroy the ozone layer. B. Developmental Activities: 1. Motivation / Presentation Let the pupils perform a physical exercise. Ask: What enables you to perform physical exercise? 2. Presentation Describe the things that you do everyday. What enables you to do perform your daily work and activities? a. Use Anticipation Guide Sheet in introducing the lesson Before the lesson Statements Agree Disagree 1. Energy is the ability to do work. 2. Energy comes in different forms. (see attached sheet
for other item)



After the lesson Agree Disagree

Each pupil is going to answer the anticipation guide by putting a check mark in the appropriate column. They should be ready to discuss their opinion to the class. a. Group Activity 1. Setting up of Standards 2. Activity Proper ( Pupils will perform the activities based on the enclosed activity cards) b. Reporting 3. Discussion (Analysis and Abstraction) a. Based on our activity, what is energy? b. What are the different kinds of energy? c. How do the different kinds of energy differ from each other?

d. What form of energy is possessed by fuel materials such as coal, gasoline and kerosene? e. What form of energy is possessed by moving objects such as a running vehicle, a windmill, a ball rolling? f. What form of energy powers air conditioners, an elevator, refrigerator and light bulb g. What form of energy is visible light h. When a person speaks, when the guitar is strummed, when the cock crows, when the telephone rings, what form of energy is released? i. What are the uses of chemical energy, mechanical energy, sound energy, electrical energy and sound energy? j. Can you cite an example of changes wherein forms of energy is in involved? 4. Generalization a. What is energy? b. What are the forms of energy? a. What are the uses of each forms of energy? 5. Application (The teacher may use a graphic organizer) AGREE Why?


Electrical Energy can be harmful if not utilized carefully


DISAGREE Why? 6. Evaluation Identify what form of energy is being described in the sentence. Write your answer only on the blank provided. 1. ____________________ this is the energy of motion. It causes people, animals,

and machines to move.

2. ____________________ this energy travels towards all direction from the source . It gives off heat and light. 3. ____________________ this is the energy stored in every living and non-living thing. It causes cars to run trough fuel being burned. 4. ____________________ this is the vibration in the air that our ears can detect. It is used to communicate and even to relax. 5. ___________________ this energy is produced when electrons flow. It is used to

light bulbs, cook food and run appliances. IV. ASSIGNMENT Find out. 1. How a form of energy is transformed into another form? 2. What are the effect of energy transformation to the environment?

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MICHAEL H. CASAAS Science Teacher

Activity Sheet 2 LEARNING STATIONS Direction: Go to the different learning stations and be able to answer the table below. FORMS OF ENERGY CHARACTERISTICS USES

Activity Sheet 1


Before the lesson Agree Disagree Statements Energy is the ability to do work. After the lesson Agree Disagree

Energy comes in different forms

Chemical energy is contained in food and fuels.

Mechanical energy is possessed by moving persons or objects.

Sound energy is produced by vibrating objects.

Activity Sheet 3 (Can be written on a Manila paper and let the pupils answer in front)



Electrical Energy can be harmful if not utilized carefully