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Ten Rules For Being a Good


(and Member of Parliament)

Vicki Bourne Former Senator Australian Parliament

1. Be humble

There is no positional power.

Be aware of how little power you have individually.

Power is only a product of collective action.

2. Be nice to others

Keep people on side you might need their support later.

3. Think strategically

Where is the power? How can I get others to agree? Who will back me? Create a situation where everyone gains something.

4. Specialise

Pick a topic that interests you and research it thoroughly.

Become one of the experts in the Parliament on your topic.

Eventually, others will seek your point of view, publicly and privately, and this will give you considerable standing and influence.

5. Have clear, achievable goals

Know what you want to achieve from the time you are elected.

Do not try to change the world.

Pick objectives that are measurable (this is good for your own morale).

6. Understand the issues

Research. If you are discussing any issue local to international make sure you have all the most up-to-date information.

7. Listen to others

Do not think you understand it all. Othersexperience will probably be different to yours, and they may help you re-think your view.

Anyway, in a democracy their view also counts.

8. Learn how to say nokindly and with respect

Sometimes this is not easy! But you might need that persons support later so avoid offending.

9. Understand your Institution

The more you understand the rules of procedure and the traditions of the

parliament, the more you will be able to use

these to achieve your goals.

10. Earn respect

Show you respect the views and experience of others

Demonstrate that you can be trusted

Learn to recognise corrupt behaviour.