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This book was originally written in the fall of 2010; however I have written many more poems since then to honor Satan and the Gods of Old, and some of our great Gentile heroes. Satanic Prayers and Poems by Lucie Elizabeth Lovato was updated on September 8th 2011. Every single poem seen in here has been my own work; I have also included a short story in honor of one of my Guardians. This e book is for free and can be distributed amongst other dedicated Satanists who are true to our Beloved Satan. These poems can be used in rituals if you so desire, if any of you wish to, you can use these poems for personal uses such as on your own individual blogs, so long as you contact me first asking me for permission as my poems and all of my work is copyrighted, and give credit where credit is due. I get enjoyment out of knowing that others are enjoying and are pleased by my poetry and stories. Hail Satan! Regards and Ave Satanas; Lucie Elizabeth Lovato

The Lords Prayer Reversed

Our Father Satan, who art in Duat, Exalted be thy name. Thy Kingdom on Duat come, Thy will fight, On Earth as it is in Duat. Give us this day our daily freedom As we revenge those who go against us. And lead us into temptation, and deliver us from the Trinity that is evil. For thine is the Kingdom of Duat, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Exalted be thy name. Ave Satanas.

All That Is
Look to the air, I am there, you will feel my presence in the breeze Look to the ground, I am there, in the soil that you walk on, I created You. Look to the embers of the fire, the future that you see, that is My future, and Your future, and the future of the Aryan Race, My People, listen to Me Look to the waters, You will see all that I have created, I have created Life. A precious gift that I have given unto thee, embrace it. I am always here; its not that hard to search for Me Just look around and you will see. The air The fire The water The earth The Akasha, I am All That Is. Take, learn, and practice It is all there for you, as it is for Me. The knowledge that I know, is your knowledge too Take, learn, and grow from your mistakes, turn them into lessons, and thou need not fear Because I am here Watching you, you are Mine, you are My child, and I am your Father. I will never let you fall. In death there is beauty that most are blind to see In death we never die, but grow and rise and are reborn again. So take this gift that I have given unto thee, embrace it, wipe away the tears, Life is for learning, life is for lessons, and life is for living. Look to the air, I am there, you will feel my presence in the breeze Look to the ground, I am there, in the soil that you walk on, I created You. Look to the embers of the fire, The future that you see, that is My future, and Your future, and the future of the Aryan race, My people, listen to Me Look to the waters, You will see all that I have created, I have created Life. I am All That Is, For I am the only one and the exalted, for I am Satan.

Shaitan Torvzl, Shaitan Trian-Satan Shall Rise, Satan Shall Be

*Note; Shaitan is Satans Arabic name and a favorite of mine out of His names. Enochian Version:

Shaitan torvzl, Shaitan trian, aboapri Shaitan Zilodarp Shaitan, ugeg ugegi.. Zamran! Shaitan bvtmon odbrint, goho Micma noromi zien ohorela, it iadna it iocli! A vovina trian lalpon croodzi, crp, a vovina torvzl i nonci Shaitan goho Balge priaz gah doalim fafen dspraf i a ozongon soyga (Shaitan), Noan quiin a Vovina caosgi torsvl Ds naneel cormf noan ip NNN crp S ds TD. Zamran! Oecrimi! Zilodarp Shaitan, ugeg ugegi Shaitan torzvl, Shaitan trian aboarpi Shaitan English version; note that this version did not come out or sound as right as the Enochian version, for anyone wondering the translation that I used was the one on the Joy of Satan: Satan shall rise, Satan shall be, let them serve you Satan. Stretch forth and conquer Satan, grow strong. Show yourselves! Satan hast opened His mouth and hast spoken Behold O you sons of my hands, I have made a law, divine knowledge I bringeth out! The dragon shall burn in thy beginning, but the dragon shall rise in you. Satan saith Why those spirits of sin that dwell in the winds will be gone (God=Satan) wherein the dragons of the Earth shall rise. And my power number be not 666 but 4 and 13. Show yourselves! Sing your praises! Stretch forth and conquer Satan, and grow strong.. Satan shall rise, Satan shall be, let them serve you, Satan.

Nine Ravens of Shamballah Behind perfect feathers of blue bronze green and gold was Shamballah in my dreams The place of Paradise lost and found Nine ravens harkened to my soul Come join your true Creator! Melek TaUs! Learn to turn yourself into a God; learn to control your own destiny! RAISE UP YOUR GOLDEN FIREY SERPENTS AND LIVE AND BE FREE! Hearing the ravens call I followed my hearts desire I travelled through the desert spaces and different habitations feeling His presence in every situation Though the desert spaces were harsh I wouldnt give up rather die a trier than a quitter To be with my Lord Melek TaUs in Shamballah is my hearts desire through my journey through the lands, the air and the waters I learnt empowerment and my heart radiated eight golden rays and the stone of desires where it should be although no one could see. For days during my empowerment I had to stay and meditate And when I got to the Mountain of Aratat I dedicated to my Lord Melek TaUs and my fiery serpent awakened and rose though it got stuck between Heaven and Earth. I became as my Lord Melek TaUs living besides Him in the most holy and sacred Shamballah forever immortal with the warriors of Valhalla.

Ishtars Dance
Ishtar looked upon Her sister fondly in the shadows of the candle light As she danced upon his bed, shimmying the night away Flashes of silver could be seen and the jingling of coins echoed Through the room in time with the drums With the fumes of the incense revealing a pleasant seductive atmosphere Months of training and practice Ishtar spent with Her sister, all of which Had been productive Ishtar smiled with pride and joy at Her creation of who She taught that Her sisters body Was nothing to hide That sexuality and seduction and lust were not sins, but some of lifes many pleasures And was a treasure That eventually led to love And not dust Ishtar shot an arrow in Her sisters desires heart That would eventually burn a fire of passionate romance All because of Ishtars Dance

In Honour of Osiris

Life, death and rebirth rising from the ashes like a phoenix you are reborn and adored and revered. O' son of Satan your beauty outshines others matching that of your Father's Your kingdom in Egypt was destroyed, alas, though we need not fear for your memory lives on in our hearts and souls. Please gather my honour and reverence for thee and take it as the whole of me. Do not seek and ye shall find as I did, your beauty and your grace, and your strength. For He, Mighty Osiris comes to those who trust when in need. Hail thy Infernal Guardian!! Hail Osiris!! Hail Satan!!

In Honour of Asmodeus

Almighty Father Satan, mighty Asmodeus Thy great teacher, thou doth honour thee! Asmodeus, thy pearls of wisdom shine as bright as the stars in the night sky With this His chosen shall never die by ignorance But with dignity, truth and knowledge. Asmodeus, King of Demons oh do shine your divine wisdom on those who wish to seek His infernal love and those deserving of it. May you both hear our pleas as we strive on our quest to raising our Golden Serpents and becoming as a God. May we be your guests at a summoning to hear this Infernal everlasting knowledge. O' great Asmodeus may your name be honoured for eternity. "I stand before many, but many proclaim me."

Satan, Solomon and Asmodeus (Fictional Story)

This is not a long story, it is intended to be as a childrens fictional story and is in honor of my beloved Guardian Asmodeus. There arent many stories out there about Satan and the Gods of for children that arent horror stories, so I thought that I would give this a go. About the Old English, it was hard writing. I did my best, but I probably made some mistakes along the way. The mass stopped to stare as they heard a breeze of ruffled peacock feathers in the distance. Why ye be sorry?! cried a deep voice that echoed across the mountain range of Lalesh. The voice could not be seen, but it was definitely hard, and the Almighty Ones presence was equally felt. One is alwayshaving to be sorry, but what is one sorry for? One is sorry for that which is of normal human emotions? This monster is not your Creator, nor is he your true saviour! the voice continued. Again, the people stared bemused as a bright golden aura appeared over Mount Lalesh. Solomon stopped and stared, and glared at this man who went by the name of Asmodeus. Asmodeus, a beautiful and graceful man and appeared out of the aura with long black braided hair neatly down his back and said unto Solomon, he showed no fear, but the people did; Why art thou making these people into slaves? Look and see the potential that is within their souls, but is that what thou fears the most?! Solomon did nothing but stare at this man, he felt a competition coming on here to try and keep his people who he had ruled over for years on end. Fear began to creep up to the surface of his soul, fear that had been etched into him for centuries, fear that people would know about the true God that is known as MelekTa us. Compared to MelekTa Us, the loathing and selfish man had nothing to offer to his people, nothing that is unless you count slavery. Like the lost souls were the people continued to stare. Who is this man?! one of them cried out. Are they, they who come from the Heavens? The short fat man whose name was Solomon with clothes adorned with gold and pearls, turned round to his people and said Get back to work ye swine and dogs, you are not worthy of me, see these pearls and gold?! Adam, the man who cried out in confusion stared at Solomon blankly. Yes I see those pearls and gold, thou hast gained them from us! As though the evil spell that had been over these people for years had suddenly broken, they realized that the golden aura had become brighter and brighter, they stared in awe, and more people began to cry out in rage and confusion. Asmodeus quietened the people by turning to face His rival, Solomon, He said to him in a fearless and calm tone So ask me not many things; for thy kingdom also after a little time is to be disrupted and thy glory is but for a season, and short will be thy tyranny over us. How dare thee speak to me in that manner. I command thee Asmodeus, to build thyself a temple of the finest gold and silver, with Hebrew that binds and enslaves the Goetia for many years to come! I will not do such a thing, said Asmodeus, He turned round to face His audience, who were more than little shell shocked and stunned that someone had spoken to Solomon that way. For before They Who Came from the Heavens came down to Ki from Duat, no one had ever spoken to Solomon like that before, until now of course.

It was a typical day on Ki, for the Kikes (Jews) to live a life of luxury, praying and worshipping Solomon, and being rewarded with gold and the promised control of the Ki and the Aryan (Gentile) people. The Aryan people were of Melek Taus, the one that is known as Satan today, His other name being Enki, meaning Lord of the Earth, which is where Ki comes from, what the Earth was called in olden times. And it was typical for the Aryans to be the Kikes slaves. Men were whipped if they did not go to church, and made to repent in front of Jehova in public crowds, and women and children were forced to watch, if they did not, they would get hit on their head with a stick. Knowing no difference and being obedient in ignorance, the Aryans fell prey to this foul program of abuse. The Annunaki (They Who Came from the Heavens) had enough of this though, and on this very day they came to put a stop to it. YOU! YOU BEAST! Solomon said to Adamu. Solomon pushed himself from his chair and moved into the audience, he was an obese man, only of 4ft, quite ugly looking and black messy hair, with a bald patch on his head. I think that man has a name, what is your name, man? asked Asmodeus, this annoyed Solomon greatly. Thy name is Adamu, who are you? I am Asmodeus, I come from Duat and work with the one that you know as The Devil. Adamu almost ran away at the very mention of the Devil what do you want from me? He looked over at His golden aura Is that Him? Yes replied Asmodeus, Thou need not fear, it is He who created you. No Sir, I think you are mistaken. God created us and the world in seven days, on the seventh day, the Lord rested, and Sunday is the day that we rest Sir, it is the sabbath, we all go to church. Whilst still standing next to Solomons golden chair, Asmodeus turned round to face the audience once again. The palm trees rustled in the soft wind, much like Asmodeus soft spoken voice, other than that it was a hot sunny day, a golden temple was glistening in the background, making a halo like aura around Asmodeus head, symbolizing His almighty power, surrounding His whole body. In a loud voice, He asked the people what does thou think happens when thou dies? A young girl of about 12 raised her voice and answered the question We go to thy Lord in Heaven, as long as thou hast not committed any sins, or if thou hast committed any sins we go to thy Lord and repent to him, and he cometh to us in his love and guidance, so that we may not sin for as long as we are with thy Lord, God. If thou does not obey thy Lord, then thou shalt be casted into the firey pit that is Hell, Sir. Solomon groaned and rolled his eyes, he knew his days were over, he shook his head and started muttering in Hebrew like the mad man that he was. Thy Hebrew words are no match for what is about to come, for centuries Solomon, you hath kept the Goetia and Melek TaUs in reigns, those reigns we are no longer bound to against our will. The season that thou hast ruleth over hath but come to an end. Asmodeus took the hand of the little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and brought her up to His side, He was going to demonstrate to her and use her as an example to the people before Him. Inside each and every human, there is what is called a soul. The audience was quiet and Asmodeus continued. Inside thy soul, there are known to the Gods and Melek TaUs as chakras. They soul contains seven main chakras, though there are many in thy soul. Because there are beings out there in the Universe who suppress the gifts that GOD MELEK TAUS hath given the Gentile races, the chakras have been sealed.

Thy beings responsible for this are Gods angels. Gods real name is JEHOVA. He is nothing but a programmed thought form. Thy enemy tries to kill thy ego; thy ego is what is needed to live. Without desires one is dead. He looked over at His enemy who remained silent; he had nothing to say in return, just muttering his worthless Hebrew words. Sir, what are the names of these chakras? Adamu asked. Thy first chakra within thy soul is known as the Muladhara. Thy second is known as Svadisthana. Thy third is the Manipura. Thy fourth is the Anahata. Thy fifth is Vishuddi. Thy sixth is Ajna. Thy seventh is Sahasrara. What do these chakras do? Adamu asked again. Each chakra holds a certain function; each chakra requires initiation to open. We are here to show you how. There was suddenly a loud clap of thunder coming from the distance, the blue skies turned into grey, and the people began to freak out. Although the grey skies turned into grey, the golden aura grew brighter, and a lightning bolt flashed and lit up the whole sky, suddenly a chariot of the finest gold and rubies with a handsome man with the blondest hair and the bluest eyes came down from the skies, He was wearing a white robe, the chariot seemed to ride down with the lightning. His name was Melek TaUs. More chariots came down from the sky with more Gods and lesser Gods with wings and ruby eyes following. The young girl of 12 with the blonde hair and blue eyes, did not run away, but stayed with Asmodeus who was holding her hand and she stared in amazement. This was something that she had dreamt of in only her wildest of dreams. Before Solomon knew it, catastrophe for him struck. Temples and churches were set on fire, Bibles, the Torah and the Talmud went up in flames. Everything was burnt down, and fresh temples for Melek TaUs and the Gods, like in Ancient Egypt, were erected with the help of the people and the Gods. Nothing like this had ever been seen before. The people were free to do as they pleased, and their souls were free, too and each God, including Melek TaUs took on the people and taught them how to build objects that could send them into space and go under water, and most importantly work on their souls to become as They Who Came from the Heavens, which in the reign of Solomon wouldve been impossible to build and far advanced beyond their time. The women were taught to dance for the men, and look after the home and children, covens would form together and celebrate the holidays, and the men would bring the women and children gifts home from a hard days labour. And the lions guarded the royal blue gates to the city. On this fateful day, when They Who Came from the Heavens arrived, Melek TaUs killed Solomon, and all the Kikes, and He was restored to His former glory and worshipped as to what He originally was, and shall be for all eternity.

An Ode to Rudolf Hess

Though the media, the lies and propaganda say otherwise, those True of heart know of your legend and legacy, and your good heart Because of this, we shall not part your beloved memory From our minds and from our souls Instead we sit with our fellow kindred on the day of the Martyrdom of Rudolf Hess Listening to those glorious marching songs, sharing stories and sharing a toast to you, which light up our days in the long cold winter of multiculturalism As the pines on the Yule tree shed, we see a new dawn A new dawn where you are freely portrayed as the hero you truly are, rather than the vile monster When the crimes against humanity were committed against you All you wanted was peace between two great Germanic countries, one that was your fatherland And one that you greatly admired

Copyright Lucie Elizabeth Lovato 2009-2011