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FUBRSGRZSR «= FOR TEACHERS’ USE ONLY ag GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO MARKERS 1, — teis very imporant that all markers should adhere as closely as possible to the marking sohene, It ey ces however, candidates Will have obiined a correct answer by an alternative method not Tpecifed in the marking scheme. In general. a corect alternative sluton mers all_the marks Npcated to that part, unless a particular method is specified in the question 2. Inthe marking scheme, marks are classified as follows “Mi marks ~ awarded for knowing correct method of solution and attempting to apply i + A* marks ~ awarded for the accuracy of the answers Marks without *M’ or ‘A’ ~ awarded for corecly completing a proof or arriving at an answer given in the question. tna question consisting of several pars each depending on the previous parts, ‘Mt marks should be wea ate naps or methods correctly deduced from previous answers, even if these answers are aati, However, “A’ marks for the corresponding answer should NOT be awarded, Unless Gtherwise specified, no marks in the marking scheme are subdivisible. 5, tmmarking candidates’ work, the benefit of doubt should be given in the candidates’ favour 4, The symbol pp-t should be used 19 denote marks deducted for poor presentation (Pp) Marks sre Simin Page Total Box shoud be the net total sere on that page. Note the following points @)_Atmst deduct 1 mark for pp. in each question, up toa maximum of 3 marks forte whole ape. () For similar p.p., deduct only 1 mark forthe fist time that it occurs, i. do not penalise candidates twice in the whole paper for the same pp fo Inany case, donot deduct any marks for pp in those parts where candidates could not score ‘any marks. {@) _ Some cases in which marks should be deducted for pp. are specified in the marking s