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Other ideas: Sexual proclivities, which can lead to Aids and Hiv, are NOT being punished by G od.

If you are approaching these things from a religious perspective, then I propose another theory. The slow painful suffering of others may lead people to doubt Gods love and mercy , perhaps even come to fear and despise Him and lose all hope. Do you think this is what God wants? Do you think this changes peoples sexual desires and preferences? Has it done so yet? Then what is Gods plan? Another question: Do you believe that God would choose for others to suffer and die so slowly and in such an awful way when He could easily change a persons life and perhaps even al ter their course in so many other ways, if He so desired? Again, let us not forget what was taught in the Bible: Death is the enemy. It is a weapon used by Satan. And Jesus came, suffered and d ied to defeat Death. So why would God use death to teach us a lesson if He sent Jesus to destroy it and free us all - not to mention calling it Satans weapon? Another question: Wouldnt a being or force, if you will, who despised us and God and wanted us to d espise Our Creator be pleased with this suffering? And want us to consider it Go ds punishment? My own personal belief about sexual preference is strong. SEXUAL DESIRES, PREFERENCES AND EVEN ACTIVITIES DO NOT NECESSARILY LEAD A PERSON FURTHER AWAY FROM GOD OR FROM THEIR FAITH. IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM BAD OR EVIL OR IMMORAL PEOPLE. Therefore, it is less of a threat to a persons character or essential goodness than other issues and conditions in this world An example - suffering and pain. A n D S person can still feel sexual desires, for the same sex or the opposite sex, ca have gender confusion and even surgery, etc. and all conditions in between, AN STILL LOVE GOD AND STILL SERVE HIM. AND I BELIEVE GOD IN TURN LOVES AND BLESSE THEM

I know this to be true. Sometimes, when you are free inside, able to be yourself, you are better able to love yourself, other people AND GOD

So how can gender issues or sexual orientation be a hindrance? Are these true sins? Maybe certain feelings can be caused in some people by faulty thinking, abuse as children, fear or confusion. These need to be addressed. But still, THEY ARE NOT, IN AND OF THEMSELVES, SINS OR HINDRANCES TO GOD. THEY DO NOT DESTROY THE PERSON OR OTHERS. AND THAT IS ONE DEFINITION OF TRUE SIN.