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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Malcolm Co teacher: 하승주 Date: week 5(04/06/07)

Class Name: 4th grade Room: Expected no. of students: 40

Context: Are you ok? Yes I’m ok. Don’t do that, Don’t……..

Teaching aids:, CD,

Learner objectives:
Personal Aims:
Improve relationship with the children try to learn at least
Students will recognize the words used in the phrases
5 names.
And be able to deliver some basic commands

Anticipated problems for teacher: Lack of knowledge of

Anticipated problems for students: names and possible control problems
The dialogues are very boring
Solutions: Solutions: Use very minimal English. Instill the hands on
Cover quickly and move on to new/more interesting head control. Explain 3 warnings and out! Then stick
material to it. Ensure nametags are on and visible

Timing (40
Procedure Phase Interaction

Start lesson with Hello I’m Mr. Harrison, this is Mr.. Engage 5mins T-S
What’s your name(hands up let the students show
off)Practice class start i.e. Good morning 소나무 Good
morning Mr. Harrison then some TPR

Revise the unit song Engage 5mins T-S

Alphabet round the class(mistake and we start again) Study 5mins

Lets read Students match the letters While teachers Study 5mins S-S
circulate and ask for words beginning with the letters
Role play- Watch twice then have 2 sets of volunteers Study 10mins
Lets play use game board and scissors rock paper to Activate 10mins

Procedure Phase Interaction
(40min )