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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Malcolm Co teacher: Date: week 1(03/05/07)

Class Name: 5th grade Room: Expected no. of students: 40

Context: Rules and introductions

Teaching aids:
Learner objectives:
Students will understand classroom rules and Personal Aims:
expectations. They will also make nametags for use in Set new guidelines for discipline.

Anticipated problems for teacher: Lack of knowledge of

names and possible control problems with it being
Anticipated problems for students:
Difficulty in spelling choosing names. the first class
Solutions: Make sure name tags are worn and visible..
Make sure to help as many students as possible
Explain 3 warnings and out! Then stick to it

Timing (40
Procedure Phase Interaction

Start lesson with Good morning class! Class respond 2 mins T-S
Good morning Mr Harrison,

Students choose one friend to sit beside then are asked

to line up in pairs by the door, Partners are assigned to Study 10mins
tables T-S

Introduction of Miss Kim.

Students work as a class to come up with 6 rules Study 7 mins S-S

Write rules on the board and agree on the most Study 3 mins

Examples of Romanization- Student comes to the front study 10mins

asks another their name then writes it on the board
Students make new name tags Study 5mins

Students play various races round their tables S-S

Activate Extra time

Procedure Phase Interaction
(40min )