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Andrew Ferguson

Composer/Arranger Tel: 07971 468908 E-Mail:

From an early age Andrew has had an interest in music, studying piano from an early age progressing to the mandolin. He recently completed the 2st year of a Ba (Hons) Degree in Music Performance and earned a scholarship to the Dartington International Music School in Devon. With a strong desire to create music to move, inspire and stir emotion a progression into music for film was an obvious transition. Andrew takes his inspiration from the great film composers, Ennio Morricone, John Williams and most of all Hans Zimmer; all of these remarkable icons have been guiding lights in his development. During 2010 Andrew took part in BBCs Symphony for Yorkshire and was one of 250 musicians who participated; and was honoured to have a mandolin composition written for him, which was recorded in Purple Pro studios in Leeds. Following the recording he was invited to join the rest of the production team to take part in creating a music video which was used to promote the recordings. Andrews compositions are made up of complex rhythms, powerful orchestration and emotion. In April 2010 Andrews music was introduced to the head of a film production company in London, AMO Productions. This led to him being commissioned to write a music sequence that could possibly be featured in their current film project. Weeks later and after many conference calls, emails and texts he successfully delivered a piece of music The Journey that was so good it has been selected to be used in the opening credits of the film Makers Our Story. Andrew is looking forward to continuing to develop his musical style, gaining inspiration and guidance from likeminded musical professionals; he is also excited about working within film and television industries and other film production companies. The opening sequence that Andrew composed for the AMO Productions feature length documentary will also appear on the official soundtrack which will be available later this year. 2011 saw Andrew become in more projects which, to this date, are still on-going. Andrew intends to increase his contact base, develop his experience and most of all continue to compose music that will not only entertain but inspire, but most of all bring something special to the lives of others.