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FORECLOSURE ADDENDUM TO LEASE AGREEMENT This addendum shall supplement the lease agreement executed on ________ (date) between

____________________ (hereinafter sellers) and ____________________ (hereinafter buyers). WHEREAS, the sellers and buyers mutually agree that the Buyers should be permitted to possess the property located at ________________________________ (hereinafter property) in advance of the closing date for the short sale scheduled for ________________, 2011, the parties have reached an agreement with an addendum as follows: 1. 2. By signing this agreement and addendum, all parties acknowledge and understand that this property is in a pre-foreclosure status. The parties agree that this lease is a month-to month agreement and the Sellers shall be required to give fifteen (15) days notice to the Buyers to vacate the property. Upon a successful short sale closing where title vests with the Buyers, the Sellers shall return any unused portion of the monies paid to them within three (3) days. Buyers and Sellers agree to cooperate fully with any documentation or other communications necessary to complete the short sale transaction. In the event of default, the Buyers shall be liable for all costs of collection, including attorneys fees. This agreement and addendum constitute the entire agreement and no verbal communications may be relied on with respect to enforcing any part of this lease or the addendum. X______________________ ________ (date) _______________ (Seller)


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X______________________ ________ (date) ____________ (Seller)

X______________________ ________ (date) ____________ (Buyer)

X______________________ _________(date) ____________ (Buyer)

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