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Embellish an evening bag with beaded foil leaves by Mary Sustrik Elegant bead embroidery have been an embroiderer for most of my life although beading has played an increasingly important role over the last ten years. Originally T beaded mukhuks - a type of Inuit footwear used in the winters and probably unknown to those of you who live ina more normal climate! Anynay, I began won- dering if these two loves of my life could be com: bined. I didn’t take long to find out that they could and that the combination of embroidery and bead: ing gave interesting effects in addition to allowing, ‘great control of the beads. T designed this evening purse to show how these Prove eb Sane tos by Fit Qe different techniques might be used. It could be used to create.a fabulous jacket or perhaps to embellish only the collar. Or it might be used with a patterned fabric or lace. Use the design of the fabric or the lace to guide the various stitches. Step by step Begin by cutting out the purse. Then enlarge (if desired) and make the leaves. Apply them to the purse fabric. Then bate on the net. Bead embroider the leaves, Finish the purse by lining it, sewing the layers together, and turningiit right side out. BEAD #Buwon apul 98 38 of one of the 9 in. ends. Fold each 5. Embroider the purse. through the last to beads added. the inside flap. comer of this end to the center String two more beads and take onthe diagonal, (photo a). To Stem stitch vartatians: 1. With a34- the needle down again, Bring the make the point off-center, mark ain, (86.4cm) strand of embroidery needle up just before the last to different point on the 9 in. edge. floss, thread the needle, double beads added and go through. - 3, Moving over to the center Chainstiteh: Work for the of the same design to this square. Materials vein of the leaf, work the stem leaf edges or veins: Bevis; Gurthem out + Veyd. 0.5m) Velvet, stitch adding one seed bead on 1. Bring the needle ‘3. Sew around the edge of each (lirsied ote for parca: ‘every stitch (photo b). tothe right side of leaf with beaded buttonhole stitch + Yzyd. Lining material the fabric, (figure 5}. (@) Beginning at the + Yeyd. Fine net fabricto: Backstitch: To work a center vein, 2, Sering four base of the leaf, bring the needle match the purse string four beads and bring the beads and bringthe tothe right side of the fabric just + yd, (0.2m) Each foil needle to the wrong side of the needle to the wrong at the leaf's edge. (b) String two fabrics in various colors fobric. Bring the needle up after side next to the beads. Then bring the needle + yd. Wonder Under or point where the nee- through the fabric from front to fusible imerfaclng die came up, forming back vo bead lengths inside the eis ere See x an almestelosed U, edge. Hold the loop of thread + Embroidery floss in colors | types of beads. For example, the : 3, Bring the needle along the edge with your thumb. ieaeennae Harooeebloned last (Gaige to the right side just (©) Bring the needle from the * Seed beads to match foils purse} uses a small bugle bead. 1 se inside the bottom of the back side through the loop to the * Snap fastener worked the stitch normally but the. Uatier the first two beads (ovo front and tighten the thread so + Thread bead lies a little differently on the -" beads on each side) (photo d/fig- the loop forms a line along the Pins leaf thus creating another type of 3 : ure 3). Repeat from step 2. edge. (d) Repeat steps b and ¢ * Scissors stitch, Try just outlining a leaf or one bead’s width beyond the pre- + Beading needle ‘wo for an extreme contrast, . f } ‘vious vertical stitch. At the point 1. Trace the leaf patterns and ria ® § of the leaf, string one bead. enlarge if desired. Cut out. Figure 1 When you are finished, you will Purse construction 2 Press the foil fabric to = j ‘have two leaves that are not quite 1, Draw a9x 18 in. (23x Wonder Under and cut out vark 3 ot reversible. There will be beads on Aber) rectangle ovtaeuaipaper cad haf ahiapes Sid siderand onlyennbroidery: for a pattern. Pin it to the purse 3. Arrange the leaves on the . thread on the other. Sew these to fabric and ant out the pattern. purse, leaving a Lin. margin all f : _ the front point of the purse, 2, Cut one end into a point, around, Hot press into place. ‘ us ‘3 stitching carefully to ensure stitch- either centered or off center. To 4. Cover the purse with the net 5 wee & do not show through the lining, center the point, mark the middle and carefully baste in place. the first two beads, and go ee Sew a snap on the purse front and wi Many enjoys ensating wesrahle art ond Finishing steps Pub fencing the techiguss to oers. She 1. After you fin. — the flap. Topatiteh 4 in, (GAmm) fives in Fenorta, AB, Cans Fold the corners to this point, the floss, and knot, Work the stem — these two beads again