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Pharmaceutics Exam 2

1. Which of the following emulsion phenomena is usually reversible?

a. Breaking
b. Coalescent
c. Cracking
d. Creaming
e. Microorganism contaminating

2. An emulsion must have the following components, except:

a. continuous phase
b. dispersed phase
c. dispersion medium
d. emulsifying agent
e. surfactant

3. Which of the following statement is true?

a. In an o/w/o emulsion, water is the external phase
b. In an o/w emulsion, water is the internal phase
c. In an o/w/o emulsion, oil is the external phase
d. In a w/o emulsion, oil is the internal phase
e. None of the above is true

4. Olgeanous solution are use for:

a. IV inject
a. IB infusion
b. IM inj
c. Intrathecal inj
d. Intraocular inj

5. Which of the following theories of emulsification predicts that an emulsifier molecule having
a greater hydrophilic than hydrophobic character will promote an o/w emulsion
a. Surface tension theory
b. Oriented wedge theory
c. Platic theory
d. Interfacial film theory
e. Percolation theory

6. The following can be use as emulsifying agents, except:

a. Al OH
b. Stearyl OH
c. cholesterol
d. glycerin
e. cellulose
7. Which of the following surfactants is the most suitable one to prepare an o/w emulsion
a. HLB 2.1
b. HLB 3.4
c. HLB 13.5
d. HLB 20.0
e. HLB 40.0

8. Using cocoa butter as the base, how much cocoa butter is neeed to prep 12 suppositories
contanign phenoarbital 150mg/each? Using the same mold, a cocoa butte blank suppo weight 2
g. the esnity of coaoe butter is 0.9 g/mL. the ensity of phenol is 1.08 g/mL
ANS. 22.5 g

9. Prepare suppositories of a drug using cocoa butter: each contains 10% w/w of the drug with a
cocoa butter dosage replacement factor (f) of 0.3. The mold can prepare blank cocoa butter
suppository of 2.0 g. How much cocoa butter should be added to each medication suppository?
ANS. 1.94 g.

10. The following statements are true, except:

a. suppo are available to patient by Rx only
b. supp are used @ retum , vagin, or urethrea,
c. supp can avoid first pass meta
d. suppo are soli dosage form intened for insertion into body orifice
e. supp melt, soften, or dissolve in orer to exert local or systemic effects.

11. A satisfactory suppository base must meet all of the following criteria except:
a. it should melt or dissolve at body temp
b. it should dissolve or melt rapidly in body cavity
c. it should be nonirritating and nonsensitizing
d. it should have low viscosity after melt or dissolved
e. it should be inert

12. The following factors can significanctly affect drug absoprotion from a rectal supp, except:
a. rectal mucus condition
b. rectal wall motility
c. rectal glui volume
d. rectal ph of fluid
e. position of sup in rectum

13. Which of the following statements is true?

a. cocoa butter exists in two known crystalline forms
b. the major component of cocoa butter is glycerin
c. alpha crystalline form of cocoa butter is a metastable form
d. alpha crystalline form of cocoa butter is more stable than beta form
e. beta crystalline form of cocoa has the lowest melting temperature
14. Which of the following supp base will exhibit slowest release rate for a hydrophilic drug?
a. PEG 1000 95% & PEG 4000 5%
b. PEG 1000 85% & PEG 4000 15%
c. PEG 1000 75% & PEG 4000 25%
d. Cocoa butter
e. Fattibase

15. During the drug release and systemic absorption of a hydrophobic drug from a PEG based
suppository, the following processes are critical, EXCEPT
a. Melting
b. Sediment
c. Wetting
d. Dissolving
e. Partition

16. OH rubbing cmpd contains ___ as a denaturant.

a. water
b. Ethanol
c. Isopropanol
d. Acetone
e. denatonium benzoate

17. When evaporated to dryness, Purified Water USP must not yield more than
a. 1% of solid residue
b. 0.1% of solid residue
c. 0.01% of solid residue
d. 0.001% of solid residue
e. 0.0001% of solid residue

18. The following solutions contain OH, except:

a. digoxin elixir
b. iodine tincture
c. flexible colloidon
d. Povidone iodine topical sol’n

19. The following water purification methods can prepare Water for Injections, USP EXCEPT
a. Distillation
b. Ion exchange
c. Reverse Osmosis
d. Double step distillation
e. Multi step distillation

20. Glycerin can be use as the following, except:

a. stabilizier
b. sweetener
c. wetting agent
d. chealting agent
e. Aux aolvent

21. Which of the following dosage forms is used for external only?
a. Collodion
b. Aromatic water
c. Diluted acid
d. Tincture
e. Syrup

22. Which of the following is true?

a. percolation is solvent mixture of extraction
b. exctractice is th eprouct of exctraction
c. menstruum is a method o extraction.
d. maceration is the crue material b4 extraction
e. marc is the solvent or vehicle for extraction.

23. For adult, the ethanol content limit for oral OTC solution products is:
a. 0.05%
b. 0.5%
c. 1.5%
d. 5%
e. 10%

24. The following statements are true, except:

a. the parenteral routes refer to the injectable routed of rug administration
b. the enteral routes include oral rug amin
c. all inject pro are sterile prep
d. ALL prep that have been sterilize are pyrogen free
e. all irrigation fluids are sterile prep

25. A 3/8 inch long, 25 guage needle is the most suitable for:
a. Intradermal injection
b. Intramuscular injection
c. Intravenous injection
d. Intrathecal injection
e. Intraspinal injection

26. Which of the following is an inj solution?

a. pen G prcaine inj SUS, USP
b. Pen G procaine for inj, USP
c. cefuroxime for inj, USP
d. cefuroxime inj, USP
e. none of the above.

27. The following dosage forms must be sterile products, EXCEPT

a. Dialysis solutions
b. Oral solutions
c. Levonorgestrel implants
d. Irrigating solutions
e. Intravenous injection solutions

28. The following statements are true, except:

a. pyrogens are very thermostable
b. pyrogen can be removed by oxidization
c. pyrogens may remain in water after sterilization by autoclaving or by bacterial
d. pyrogens are efever prod organic sub arising from microbial contamination.
e. pyrogens are respon for many of the febrile rxn in patients after inj

29. Which of the following is a chemical sterilization method?

a. Steam sterilization
b. Dry heat sterilization
c. Gas sterilization
d. Sterilization by filtration
e. Sterilization by ionizing radiation

30. Which of the following proucts is the most diffcult to be sterilized?

a. ampules
b. inj solutions
c. inj emulsions
d. subcutaneous implants
e. dry rug powers

31. Limulus amebocyte lysate test is a quality control method to assay:

a. If drug products are neutral
b. If drug products are isotonic
c. If drug products are particle-free
d. If drug products are pyrogen-free
e. If drug products are bacteria-free

32. The following in solution/vehicle can be use for neonates, EXCEPT: bacteriostatic NaCl inj,

33. The following are antibacterial agents for parenteral preparation, EXCEPT:
a. Phenylmercuric nitrate
b. Butylated hydroxyanisole
c. Thimerosal
d.Benzethonium chloride
34. Which of the following areas has the cleanest air? Certified federal class 100 clean room in a
hospital pharmacy

35. The following is true in a controlled pharmaceutical clean room, EXCEPT:

a. Clean room is specially constructed and maintained to reduce probability of
environmental contamination
b. Clean rooms are sterilized by ethylene oxide everyday
c. Air entering room is cleaned by high efficient particulate air filters
d. Operation bench tops are nonporous
e. The air pressure inside the clean room is higher than outside

36. Which of the following procedures has the correct sequence to prep a thermal stable inj
solution? Dissolve in water for inj, filtration, filling to vials, sterilization, pyrogen particle, and
sterile testing.

37. Which of the following modification of insulin injection can increase the absorption rate and
decrease the duration of action?
a. Change the protein structure by a single substitute at the Pro28 (the position of praline)
on the B chain by Asp28 (aspartic acid)
b. Change the formulation by adding certain amounts or protamine
c. Adjust pH value close to 7.2
d. Change the dosage form from solution to suspension
e. Increase the crystal size in a suspension preparation

38. Ringer’s in, USP contaisn the following ions, except? Phosphate.

39. A central venous route such as superior vena cava must be used for total parenteral nutrition
administration, when:
a. the osmolarity of a intravenous solution is higher than 1000 mOsm/L
b. the volume of the solution is larger than 1 liter
c. the dextrose concentration is higher than 0.9% (w/v)
d. the solution contains more than 5% of lactose (w/v)
e. the solution contains particles

40. If another pharmaceutical company produce a new insulin product that is similar to Humulin
N an approvde by FDA. It can be called as follow on protein