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“HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE from the Motion Picture SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - is Words and Music by ROBIN Gigs, MAURICE GIBB and BARRY GIBS Moderately , E> Ebmai? en st ss ——— ee a I SSS T know your 1 feel you touch — You know the — door— | me in the pour = ing rain, And the mo = ment that you wan = der far to my ver - y soul You're the light in my deepest, dark _— from me, Ewan =a feel you in my arms a - gain And you come — you're my sav = ior when Soca. aa then you soft that Teal Gm abjp> Ser = Je ee ee ret = ro Lu me you need to shows how deep is. your love? How deep Ld Ebmay? Abmai7 Abm6 your love? Teal - ly mean— wm eb BhayDb 1, i z —— liv-ing ina world of break - ing us when they all — eel Em? Abms @ = We be - Jong — - Gm DS. and Fade = > Optional Ending eb Ebmaj? Eb e = 2. is your love? How your — }