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PAM Q- Prepare a performance management system for a company stating the objectives, methods, raters and criterions of performance

management. ________________________________________________________________________ IFM Q3. Study the Balance of payments record of India since the year 2005; see if th e country is having deficit or surplus, furnish the records for the same. Also i f the Indian economy is doing well, how is it possible to have BOP deficit? Deve lop a relationship between growth rate of the economy and the BOP balances. Objective of this question There is a definite relation between growth rate and productivity cycle. All is not clear by mentioning that the country is having a growth rate of 8% or 9%, ar e we self sufficient and is the system actually delivery the goods produced to t he consumers at the right time, are our exports competitive in international mar ket? Answering these questions would bring clarity in many areas. _________________________________________________________________________ Go to, the website for Pfizer, a company that researches, develop s, manufactures, and markets leading prescription medicines for humans and anima ls. Identify Pfizer's mission statement, vision, and values. Go to the Careers s ection of the website. Click on Working for Pfizer. Review the links on this pag e. Describe how leader behavior and education support Pfizer s vision and values. _________________________________________________________________________ Q2.Describe various intiatives that are undertaken by Govt. of India in current Foreign Trade policy to increase our percentage share of global trade and expan sion of employment opportunities with reference to Market diversification, techn ological upgradation ,support to status holders ,agriculture and village industr y ,handlooms and handicrafts, Gems and Jewellery, Leather and Footwear, Marine s ector ,Electronic and I.T Hardware manufacturing industries, sports goods and to ys ,green products and technologies. ________________________________________________________________________