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I thought about something a couple of nights ago.

It has been said many times th at God needs us as much as we need Him I believe this is true in a LITERAL sense as well as just being true emotionally . I honestly believe that God needs us to SHOW UP, AT THE RIGHT PLACE, IN THE RIGH T TIME, TO CARRY OUT HIS WILL. ONLY THEN CAN HIS POWER BE ACCESSED AND RELEASED. We are the conduits and the catalysts in THIS world for Gods power to manifest. If we do not do this, The Creators power cannot be as effective. It operates THROUGH US - through our cooperation, our alignment with His will, o ur belief in Him. Gods power is also IN US - if we put ourselves in the right place, the right stat e of mind, without distractions or undue anxiety and fear. IF WE BLOCK THIS - by refusing, by unbelief, by fear or apathy - this power cann ot work in our lives or in our world. Does this make us gods? No. Rather, instruments of the Divine Will, human vessel s that both contain and release Gods amazing power, using all that we are and all that we have. The power is still Gods and rests solely with Him - yet it needs US to actualize it.