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Come out and, be an For kids between the ages of 1 and 92

Free Fun and Food!


1)Painting ceramic piggy bank 2) Decorating pavers (stepping stones) with mosaics 3) Creating mosaic wall tiles 4) Mosaic picture frames 5) Baseball picture frames 6) Girls' painted stone bracelets

Beginners Welcome
Honoree: Blanche Cook

This event was made possible by

Stepping Stone Art Projects in Memory of Jerry Kelly, Ulysses S. Johnson, Velma Johnson, Annie Lott, Pauline Person, Kenneth Nelson, Marion Adams, Annie Anderson, Cleodia OQuinn, Savannah Binford, Vernell McFadden, Leola Hardesty, Ray Maxey

For further information, contact Valerie F. Leonard at 773-521-3137or