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EMF 366 Sound In Media Assignment #3 Sound Design For Copyrighted Video Due Date: Week #8 (wed 10/19)

In a group of 1-2 (if you dont want to work as a group, thats OK), design and work with the sound for a visual project (2 minutes if the clips are shorter, you need to do multiple clips). Find a Quicktime file on the web and do the sound for this video in ProTools. This includes: - Dialog (you do not need to be talent). Use a clip where at least a portion of the dialog needs lip sync - SFX (at least 3 tracks, 20 sound effects where you have created 5 of the effects), at least 5 sound effects or Foleys needs to be in sync - Foley (at least 2 tracks choosing from: footsteps, moves, specifics) - Music - Use 3 submix tracks Dialog, SFX, and Music - Use a master track Utilize levels, effects, and layering in your sound. Turn in (in a folder): - A data CD with the video file and associated Pro Tools files, or copy the files to my hard drive. (If you use a CD, MAKE SURE IT WORKS!!) Typed Documentation (1 full page single-spaced): (1 per person in the group) - Your comments on what you did and why and your overall process - Cite Quicktime file(s) and music - Inspiration for the sound design other film(s), sound designer(s), director(s), etc.