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C) Which sentence is a promise, an offer or a future prediction?

Example Ill give you the book when I find it. a promise .
1. Ill close the window for you.
2. It will be cloudy tomorrow.
3. Ill cook dinner tonight if you like.
4. The town will look completely different in two years time.
5. A: Please remember me to your family. B: I certainly will.
D) Choose the correct answer:
1. What _____ you ______ this afternoon?
a) willdoing b) are going to do c) will to do
2. My sister ______ be 17 next month.
a) will b) is going c) going to
3. Dont worry. I ______ do the shopping for you today.
a) going to b) am going c) ll
4. Will you spend the weekend with us? No, we ______
a) will b) wont re going

E) Complete the sentences with will or going to.

1. Promise you ______ phone me every day? I certainly ______.

2. What ______ you ______ do tonight? I ______ study maths.
3. What are his plans for tomorrow? He ______ go to the dentist.
4. Please dont tell anyone about it. Dont worry. I ______.
5. If you come with us, you ______ meet our friends.
F) Write as many sentences as you can about your plans for this week.
a) ________________________________________________________
b) ________________________________________________________
c) ________________________________________________________
d ) ________________________________________________________

e ) ________________________________________________________