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ADMISSION CHECKLIST Effective: June 2008

Student Information Form (at the college of choice) Completion of GED or High School Graduate Nurse Entrance Exam - achieving scores required Fingerprint Clearance Card

Student ID:

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Minimum grade required is a C or 2.0 in all prerequisite courses: CHM130+130LL PSY101 BIO156/181 BIO201 MAT120 or higher Fundamental Chemistry or one year HS chem. with lab Introduction to Psychology (Block 2) Biology or one year HS Human Anatomy and Physiology I Mathematics



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0-4 3 0-4 4 3

Advanced Placement Transfer and LPN Admission - Additional Requirements

All Applicants:
HESI PN EXIT Exam Placement score at 800 or above for Block 3 or Block 4 entry Nursing Program Transfers Letter from Director sent to Nursing Administrator Final Application check with Nursing Director with Director Signature Minimum grade required is a C or 2.0 in all prerequisite courses: BIO202 BIO205 CRE101 ENG101
NUR187 or NCE170 or NUR167PN
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Human Anatomy and Physiology II Microbiology Critical and Evaluative Reading or Test Exempt First Year Composition
Pharmacology & Med Administration II or equivalent within 12 months of application (Block 3 and 4 entry only)

4 4 0-3 3 1.5 3 Check when Complete

Additional requirements for applicants previously in the Maricopa Nursing Program Eligibility for re-admission according to Nursing Student Handbook PN License if more than 6 months since last nursing course (Block 3 and Block 4) Additional requirements for LPNs outside the Maricopa Community Colleges Evidence of IV content in PN curriculum or course in IV Therapy and Venipuncture Credit by Evaluation for Vocational/Non-accredited/Non-credit PN Program LPN License Number and State Additional Requirements for Paramedic to RN Applicants NUR102, NUR103 Transition from Paramedic to Nursing - Course Transcript Credit by Evaluation Transcript evidence of completion of paramedic education credits Copy of current and unrestricted Arizona or National Paramedic Certificate, or Current state certification with evidence of original National Registry test

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