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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

1. The motor part of Facial nerve supply:

Buccinator Muscle
2. Radiographic diagnosis of a well-defined, unilocular radiolucent, area between vital mandibular bicuspias is more likely to be: The mental foramen.

3. Parotid DUCT is opposite to Maxilary 2nd molar

4. Skeletal face is from: Neural crest

5. The body secret antibody against antigen using which cells: B lymphocyte 6. Arrange the steps of cleft palate management: 1. Measures to adjust speech.3 2. Establish way for nursing and feeding.1 3. Cosmetic closure.4 4. Prevent collapse of two halves.2 2 4 1 3.
7. Cost effective method to prevent dental caries

Water Fluoridation. 8. Bridge return to dentist from lab with different degree of color although the shade is the same, the cause: Different thickness of porcelain.

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

9. Provisional restoration for metal ceramic abutment is Tooth colored polycarbonate crown 10. The best method to protect teeth that underwent bicuspidization procedure from fracture? Full crown 11. After final inlay cementation and before complete setting of cement we should: burnishing of peripheries of restoration for more adaptation

12. Female come need to endodontic for central insical ,and have media composite restorations in the mesial and distal walls ,and have attrition in the insicial, edge the best restoration? Full Crown

13. Child have dental caries in 3 or 4 surfaces of his first primary molar we will replace them with: Preformed metal crown.

14. Amount of G.P should after post preparation: 4-5 mm.

15. Emergency endodontic should not be started before:

Establishing the diagnosis 16. What are the disadvantages of mcspadden technique in obturation: Difficult in curved canals. 17. To irrigation solution during RCT to increase adding of surfactant wettability of canal walls by: lowering surface tension

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

18. While u were preparing a canal u did a ledge, then u used EDTA with the file, this may lead to perforation of the strip

19. The following chemically bond to the tooth: Glass ionomer cement 20. Calcium hydroxide is best pulp capping material because: It induces reparation dentine formation 21. When restoring asymptomatic healthy tooth with amalgam, the normal physiologic symptom after that is: Pain on cold

22. Amalgam is used in extensive cavities : When Cusps lost and thin supported wall.

23. What can we use under composite restoration: Ca (oh) & ZINC phosphate cement.

24. Polyether impression materials: Can absorb water and swell if stored in water.
25. Compared Custom trays to stock trays for a removable partial denture impression:

C. Custom trays provide even thickness of impression material.

26. After patient came to your clinic and gave an extended history and complain, whats your next step in treatment : Clinical examination

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

27. what is the most factor encouraging dental caries : Xerostomia.

28. 8 years old come with fractured max incisor (permanent) tooth with incipient exposed pulp after 30 min of the trauma, whats the suitable rx: Direct pulp capping

29. After completion of orthodontic treatment he came complaining of pain in 11 tooth radiograph show absorption in the middle third of the root of 11 wt is the proper management: Apply Caoh at the site of resorption.

30. The retainer of rubber dam four points of contact two buccally and two lingually without rocking. 31.Why the moisture heat sterilization is better than dry heat sterilization less time than dry heat

32. A 60-year-old man has been treated for a t2nom osquamous cell carcinoma by radical radiotherapy. He has a history of chronic alcoholism and was a heavy smoker. Six years after treatment, he develops a painful ulcer in the alveolar mucosa in the treated area following minor trauma. His pain worsens and the bone became progressively exposed. He is treated by a partial mandibular resection with graft. The diagnosis is Osteoradionecrosis 33. 20 years old male PT came with severe pain on chewing related to lower molars. Intraoral examination reveals no caries, good oral hygiene, no change in radiograph. PT give history of bridge cementation 3 days ago. Diagnosis: Acute apical periodontitis.

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

34. Patient present with deficiency at the malar bone+open bite+normal mental abilities; treacher cholins.

35. Persons who are working in glass factories they have the disease: Silicosis

36. Pregnant 25 years, bleeding on probing, location on papilla of anterior area of the maxilla, Isolated: pyogenic granuloma

37. Child with cleft palate and cleft lip with anodontia due to: Van der woude syndrome.

38. To drain submandibular abscess: a) Intraorally through the mylohyoid muscles. B) Extraorally under the chin. C) Extraorally at the most purulent site. D) Extraorally at the lower border of the mandible. *** dental decks 1982

39. You should treat ANUG until the disease completely removed. 2. Otherwise, it will change to necrotising ulcerative periodontitis Both sentences are true

40. Pedo, has trauma in 11 , half an hour ago , with slight pulp exposure , open apex, treatment is: DPC (direct pulp capping)

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

41. 10 years old child present with bilateral swelling of submandibular area, what could be the disease: Cherubism

42. Patient comes to you with edematous gingiva, inflamed, loss of gingival contour and recession, what's the best tooth brushing technique? Modified stillman. ***(progression gingival recession)

43. To remove a broken periodontal instrument from the gingival sulcus: Schwartz Periotriever

44. colour of normal gingiva in interplay between: Keratin- b.v. melanin- epithelial thickness

45. Dental plaque composed mainly of: Bacteria

46. Pt. Wears complete denture for 10 years & now he has cancer in the floor of the mouth. What is the firs question that the dentist should ask: a- does your denture is ill fitted b- smoking. ***+ (80% of the cancer of the floor of the mouth is caused by smoking) c- Alcohol d- does your denture impinge the o.mucosa. *** (traumatic cause) Screening Oral Cancer - Prepared by Bruce F. Barker, D.D.S. and Gerry J. Barker, R.D.H., M.A. Heavy Smoker & Alcoholic

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

46. An examination of the edentulous mouth of an aged Pt who has wore maxillary complete dentures for many years against six mandibular teeth would probably show: Loss of osseous structure in the anterior maxillary arch. 47. To check TMJ range of movement: Arthrography

48. Remove thick epulis figuratum

Allis forceps

49. Management of tuberosity fracture during extraction of maxillary molar is: a. Replace and suture. *** b. Remove and suture with primary heal. c. Replace and suture intra alveolar by wire. d. Remove and leave to heal. If the tuberosity is fractured but intact, it should be manually repositioned and stabilized by sutures. Dental decks 1954

50. Scale to measure marginal deterioration:

Mahler scale

51. Fluoride which we use in the clinic doesnt cause fluorosis because: Teeth already calcified

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

.. ...
52. Inferior Orbital Fissure located:
The lateral wall and the floor of the orbit are separated posteriorly by the inferior orbital fissure

53. Clinical applications of MTA include:


54. Rubber dam use in Endodontics: Frequently required

55. Most common type of Trauma in children: Tooth fracture

56. Xylitol Effect: Reduce caries incidence

57. Type of Inlay Casting Wax: Paraffin wax

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

58. The smallest diameter in the root canal system: Apical construction

59. Treatment *Galvanic Action* in Amalgam Restoration: Replace the restoration

60. Pt. taking steroid drugs before extraction impacted third molar, dentist must administered to avoid adrenal crisis:
Administer supplemental hydrocortisone IV or IM (name & dose) ???

61. 4 years-old Fraternal twins came for routine dental check-up, you notice complete difference in the behavior. Whats the cause??
Gender Maturation Enviornments None of the above

62. Pt. suffer from tubular lung & positive active bacilli ???
Treat pt wearing dental mask Postpone dental treatment Treat pt. & take all the protection measures .

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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011

63. Type of Porcelain you select for maximum esthetic result in anterior FPD In-cream ?? IPS Empress ??

64. Polishing Glass Ionomer Restoration:


65. Important in Researches:

Written consents with the subjects in their native language


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Saudi License Exam (SLE) for General Dentistry September 6, 2011