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Inter Office Memo

1/87B, Vineet Khand,Gomti Nagar,Lucknow,Phone No.(0522) 4041130

To, Shri U N Bhole, C.P.M. From: Shri O P Dwivedi, D.P.M.

Atlanta Limited, Mumbai Atlanta Limited, Lucknow
Ref: AL/LKO-ACCT/074/8-09 Date: September 22nd, 2008

Dear Sir,
Mr. Lalit Varaskar, Mech. Engineer is absconding from duty since September 05th,
2008. It is to inform you that the following items and cash balance is in his hand:

A. Items (As stated by Shri Vijay Prakash Varshney, Liaison Officer)

i. T.V. - 1 No.
ii. Cooler - 1 No.
iii. Ceiling Fan - 1 No.
iv. Bed - 4 Nos.
v. Metress - 4 Nos.
vi. Coverlet (Lihaf) - 2 Nos.
vii. Pillow with Cover - 2 Nos.
viii. Wooden Table - 2 Nos.
ix. Wooden Chair - 4 Nos.
x. Bed Sheets - 2 Nos.
xi. Steel Utensils - Not Known
xii. Other Items - Not Known

B. Cash Balance in IOU Rs. 9,284/- (as stated by Shri Arun Kumar Singh)

C. Regarding Bill of M/s Shiva Batteries:

Mr Lalit Varaskar, Mech. Engineer endorsed a note on the bill of M/s Shiva
Batteries to deduct the cost of old batteries (Rs. 5800/-) which he gave to firm.
The Manager of the firm told me that he has not received any old battey from
Shri Lalit Varaskar. The photo copy of bill is attached herewith for your kind
information and reference please.

D. It is further to inform you that batteries fitted in two utility vehicles are also
missing from the vehicles and no information is given to me for the same by
Shri Lalit Varaskar.

It is submitted for information and necessary action please.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(O. P. Dwivedi, DPM)