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A Druid Healing Spell

Used by Druids of the Order of the White Oak, Ord Na Darach Gile

Three are the colours associated with the Celtic Goddess Brighid: White for
the white cows of Boann, her mother, and for the White Mare of the
Otherworld; red and white for the red-eared dogs of the Otherworld; and
black, red, and white for the cat, the snake, and the oystercatcher. Black,
red, and white are the original colours of creation and of the goddess
according to tradition.

When healing is needed, three lengths of white, red, and black wool may be
passed though the smoke of a sacred fire or dipped in sacred water. Sacred
fire is fire that has been kindled using a crystal and the concentrated rays
of the sun; fire kindled by friction, by flint and steel, or gathered from a
lightning strike. Sacred water is wild water from a stream, from a holy well,
from beyond the ninth wave of the ocean, or water exposed to the light of
the full Moon or the Sun on a holy day.

The lengths of wool are twined together and tied with nine knots. Then they
may be tied about a wound or about the neck or a limb of one who needs
healing. As the knots are tied in the wool, the following charm, or any healing
charm of ancient tradition, may be recited.

"May you repel every ill, every ill wish, every evil,
As this thread goes round thee may you be well forever.
In the name of Brighid, in the name of the Three, in the name of all the
powers together.
Power of air be with you, power of fire, power of storm.
Power of Moon be with you, power of Sun, power of star.
Power of sea be with you, power of Earth, power of stone.
I appeal to Brighid to cast off every harm!"

By Ellen Evert Hopman