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Lifting Plan Sketch

Date Site Visited: Client: Site Address: Project Ref: Approx. Scale:

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Print Name: ____________________________ This Lifting Plan has been prepared within guidelines drafted by the Client/Main Contractor It must be read in conjunction with the attached Lifting Schedule/Method Statement/Risk Assessment and all associated Signature: documentation ____________________________

Clients Site Representative:

Lift Plan Prepared By (Appointed Person) :

Deploy air mat fall protection around delivery vehicle

Crane Stand Ref A

X Denotes Delivery / Installation Sequence

Slew Direction

4 No. 1.74 x 1.74m Outrigger Mats Max. 11.3 Tonnes / m2 pressure beneath mats

4 2 5

Crane required to undertake the Lift:.


Larger alternative crane permitted:

Outrigger loadings are based on the worst case tonnes / m2 outrigger loading including the alternative: The crane company must not provide a larger crane without prior agreement. If a crane larger than this is provided, do not rig up and refer to AP for guidance. Crane Outrigger Jack Load: Crane Mat Size: = m Client hardstand location / preparation / maintenance confirmation: Permissible Bearing Capacity of Hardstand = Pressure Applied Beneath Mats = to/m to/m

1. 2.

The permissible bearing capacity above has been provided by a competent person who assessed the adequacy of the crane hardstanding area. On the day of installation (prior to commencing lifting), the Client should confirm the adequacy of the hardstanding, beneath each rig position (taking account of deterioration since the initial assessment). Print Name: __________________________ Signature: _______________________

For And On Behalf Of The Client: