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CH 395G BIO 395G MOL 395G

Fall 2004
Tuesday & Thursday 11-12:30
WEL 2.304

Instructors: Barrie Kitto and Marvin Hackert

Teaching Assistant : Larisa Watson
Dr. Marvin Hackert
Structural Molecular Biology, Protein Crystallography
Enzyme Mechanisms

PLP_Dependent Decarboxylases
Dr Barrie Kitto

Immunoassays Contraceptives
Course Schedule
Introductory Material
Use the class web site at: all announcements, exam dates, times and place and class
Class lecture note key points will also be posted there in PDF (Acrobat) format.

Use of University Libraries
Chemistry Library WEL 2.132
Life Sciences Library MAI 220

Use of Internet:
From laboratories
Computer Center WEL 2.302
Limitations of internet
Journals on internet
Use of CHIME for 3D Structures Necessity to use Netscape 4.x as browse

CHIME and 3D Structures
• Use Mozilla or Netscape 4.x

• See for some

Lecture 1 Outline
Chapter 1
Small to large
--- from precursors to cells
The interior of cells
Intracellular location of processes
Ordering of informatiion
Chapter 2
Aqueous conditions
Water -- polar nature
Solvent properties
Hydrogen bonds
Acids and Bases
Henderson Hasselbalch Equation
Constituents of Cells: E. coli
Water 70
Proteins 15
Nucleic Acids 7
Polysaccharides 3
Lipids 2
Monomers 2
Inorganic Ions 1
3 x 108 molecules per cell
5 x 106 cells/ml

Water: H,O
Organics: C,H,O,N,P,S
Ions: Na+, K+, Mg++, Ca++, Cl-
Trace Elements: Fe, Mn ,Co, Cu, Zn
Chapter 2
• Water
• Acids and Bases
• Ionization
Molarity of Water
1 liter of water weighs 1000 g
1 mole of water = 18 g

Therefore the molarity of water is

= 1000/18 M
= 55M
Acids, Bases and Buffers

pH, Titration, pKa, pKb,

physiological buffers
Ionization of Water
• Because it is cumbersome to use
exponentials to describe the amount of
hydrogen ions present in a solution the pH
scale was adopted.

• pH = - log10 [H+]
• For example
if [H+] = 10-7M the pH = 7
Table 2-3 (bottom) Dissociation Constants and pK’s at
25°C of Some Acids in Common Laboratory Use as

Biochemical Buffers .
Page 45
For reviews of pH and buffers see
and go to Concept Reviews