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A Sold:Lerr Hls Prayer



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Stay wlth me God. The nlght 1s dark. Tlre rt:tght ls cold; Ey lltt1e spark of Courage dts. The nlght Ls long; Be wlth me God and nake me strong.


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I love a gane; I love a flght. I hate the dark; I love the llght. I love my chlld; I love ny wife. I am no coward,. I love llfe. IJfe with lts-changes of mood and shade I want to llve" f an not afrald But me and nlne are hard to part. Ohl unt{nown God, llft up ny hearb. You stlIled tfre waters at -d-klrk And saved your servants. All your work ls wonderftrl , Dear God. You strode Before us down that dreadftrl road.
We were We love


our country and our dead and we could not shame them; so we stayed, fire courser and were not afald.
Dear God;

a-lone and hope had. fled..

lbat sea; we t{y eyes were lfy sorrl sang

Peace for W'klds, our brothers fredr A klnder world, a eleaner*br^ee&;*r f r;; *Q { t {)*{"<$ I hrt the son ny Mother bore. A slnple nan and nothlng mors' Ihrt-God of strength and gentlenes Be pleased and noth-tng less.

that nlghhare roadr then got ther-we were Etl. bllndr ny feet were tornt llke a blrd at dawn, I know that death ls btrt a door. I know what ,1tJV are flghtlng for.

HeIp me ffi, when d.eath ls neat' To mock the haggard face of feBF. That when I faII r lf fall I mtrstt l,ty soul nay tril:nph in the dust'
Chap1aln Oran Zaebst

102nd Cavalry Reglnent ttEgsex Troopt'