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Aging population

The aging population is gaining its popularity in many developed countries such as West
eastern or Japan. While some people believe that this trend betows upon to society
several beneIits, others argue that this may leave disastrous disadvantages like the dearth
oI young. We will dicuss both advantages and disadvantages oI this issue.

In the Iirst place, the longer people live, the more people pursue their own career and
enjoy the peaceIul period oI years oI contribution. However, along with aging is the
attack oI aging-related diseases which puts pressure on individuals and their Iamily. In
other words, there would be pros and cons Ior people to live longer.

In the second place, it is undeniable that with a resevoir oI knowledge and skills, the
society is able to produce more high quality goods and more skilled workIorce but it is
argued that this scenerio is synomymous with the deprivation oI the chance Ior the young
to demonstrate their ability and have jobs. Another beneIit oI this trend is that the society
may preserve the precious traditional value, as a result oI domination oI old people;
nevertheless, behind the picture is the preventation oI new ideals and ideas which are
conducive to the progressive and dynamic economy. Equally important, aging people is a
contributor Ior service-related industry to burgeon such as nursing house or healthcare
while the opposite is that were this trend to come true, would the government has to death
with increasing welIare burden and lack oI young labour. Put it simply, not only does
aging population bring to society some advatanges, but the government also conIront
with a series oI headache issues, caused by it.

Dearth oI young
Deprivation oI the chance Ior the young
Senior population/ aging population/ old people.
It is undeniable that...,but it is argued that the scenerio is synonymous with
While some people believe that..others argue that ..
Not only does., but. also
One beneIit is that..; however, behind the picture is ..
Equally important, ... while the opposite is that were it to come true, would...

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